IBA Group provides SharePoint services

IBA Group builds up expertise in Microsoft technologies, providing business solutions and educational services to its clients. Corporate content management, optimization of business processes, and organization of teamwork are on high demand. IBA assists clients in organizing their businesses using Microsoft SharePoint Server.

The Microsoft SharePoint Server provides a lot of out of–the–box functions. However, many organizations use only 20 percent of the SharePoint functionality because they don't have time and skills to customize SharePoint to fit in the existing IT ecosystem.

IBA Group has experienced professionals who help clients gain maximum value from SharePoint. The company began working on SharePoint with the 2007 version, later continued with SharePoint Server 2010, and is now working with SharePoint Server 2013. IBA Group knows how to increase ROI when using this technology.


  • Development of SharePoint features
  • Customization of SharePoint websites and development of website templates
  • Branding of SharePoint websites
  • Development of SharePoint processes
  • SharePoint support and maintenance
  • Integration SharePoint applications with third party tools
  • Migration from IBM Notes&Domino to SharePoint

Experience and Expertise 

IBA Group helps clients migrate their applications to Exchange and SharePoint, and integrate with the rest of the corporate ecosystem, as well as provides flexible support models, and aligns standard SharePoint sites with corporate custom applications.

When a client needs the functionality that cannot be provided by a standard Microsoft SharePoint Server bundle, the IBA team develops new features that can be flexibly deployed either on a particular website, a collection of websites or even on the entire farm. IBA Group can develop solutions for both on–premise and online versions of the SharePoint 2013 bundle.

IBA Group allocates not only developers to implement a SharePoint project, but also project managers and business analysts. Technology–specific administrators work as business analysts, collect information, and build websites to suit customer needs.

In case the out–of–the–box functionality is unable to cover all needs of the client, IBA Group developers build custom SharePoint features, including buttons, actions, event receivers, complicated workflows, web parts, website templates, themes, custom pages, authentication providers, and web services.

IBA Group has experience in the organization of gold level maintenance and support teams based on the ITIL standard with customers/teams working around the world. IBA operates using the standard 8x5 support model and provides high availability support based on 24x5 and 24x7 models.


About Us

IBA Group provides software development, migration, maintenance, support, and IT consulting services with 3,000 IT and business professionals. Its focus areas are mainframe systems, enterprise applications, web solutions, SAP, BI, and mobile applications. Headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic, IBA Group has offices and development centers in 11 countries. IBA Group serves clients in more than 40 countries across diverse industries, including banking, railway, telecommunication, and manufacturing.