Annual General Meeting in IBS AB

At the annual general meeting in IBS AB today the following was resolved.

  • The meeting elected Dr. Pallab Chatterjee, Arvid Carlsen, Rene Svendsen‑Tune and JT Treadwell new members of the board of directors, and re-elected Christian Paulsson. Dr. Pallab Chatterjee was elected new chairman of the board of directors

Dr Pallab Chatterjee is born in 1950 and has Master’s and PhD degrees in electrical engineering from the University of Illinois, USA. He has held several executive positions at Texas Instruments, he has been Chief Executive Officer at i2 Technologies Inc, and is currently Managing Director and Operating Partner at Symphony Technology Group. Dr Pallab Chatterjee served as member of the board of directors and chairman of the board in IBS AB between 2007 and 2010.

Arvid Carlsen is born in 1956 and has an MBA from Thunderbird in USA. He has been Executive Vice President for ABT/SBT/Exenel Industries in Saudi Arabia, Management Consultant with Nordic Management, Founding Partner of Enskilda Strategy, Managing Director and Head of Corporate Finance at Enskilda Securities, and Managing Director and Chairman of Access Partners.

JT Treadwell is born in 1974 and holds a dual Bachelor’s degree in Ethics, Politics & Economic History from Yale University. He has worked as a consultant at Boston Consulting Group, associate at Bessemer Venture Partners and as Director of Marketing and Strategic Planning at Qiva, and is currently Managing Director at Symphony Technology Group where he joined in 2003.

Rene Svendsen‑Tune is born in 1955 and is a Graduate from Technical University of Copenhagen and started his career in the Danish IT industry. After that he has held various executive positions at Nokia Networks, and is currently President and CEO at Teleca, where he joined in 2006.

  • The meeting resolved on remuneration to the board of directors in accordance with the following. Remuneration shall be paid with SEK 0 to the chairman of the board and with SEK 375,000 to each of the other board members. It was resolved that the auditor shall receive compensation according to approved invoice.

  • The meeting resolved on alteration of the articles of association mainly in accordance with the following. The four year term of office of the auditor is regulated in the articles of association, a complete notice to convene a general meeting shall be issued only through announcement in The Official Swedish Gazette and at the company’s website, the specified timing for registration of participation in a general meeting is removed from the articles of association, and the heading of § 10 is altered.

  • The meeting adopted the income statements and balance sheets in the annual report, resolved in accordance with the board of director’s proposal not to pay any dividends for the financial year of 2010, and discharged all members of the board of directors and the CEO from liability, with the exception of Christian Paulsson.

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VP of Corporate Marketing
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