ICA’s financial calendar 2007

ICAs financial calendar 2007

Solna 10 January, 2007

Presented below is ICAs calendar for financial interim reports, and monthly sales figures for ICAs stores in Sweden 2007.

11 January Monthly sales December 2006

7 February Monthly sales January 2007

21 February Year-end Report January - December 2006

7 March Monthly sales February 2007

11 April Monthly sales March 2007

8 May Monthly sales April 2007

15 May Interim Report January – March 2007

8 June Monthly sales May 2007

10 July Monthly sales June 2007

7 August Monthly sales July 2007

21 August Interim Report January - June 2007

7 September Monthly sales August 2007

9 October Monthly sales September 2007

7 November Monthly sales October 2007

13 November Interim Report January– September 2007

7 December Monthly sales November 2007

For further information please contact: ICA press hotline, cell phone +46 70 253 66 60

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About ICA The ICA Group (ICA AB) is one of the Nordic regions leading retail companies, with around 2,300 of its own and retailer-owned stores in Sweden, Norway and in the Baltic States. The Group includes the sales companies ICA Sverige, ICA Norge, Rimi Baltic and Etos. ICA also offers financial services to Swedish customers through ICA Banken. ICA also owns half of Netto Market, with above 80 stores in Sweden. ICA AB is a joint venture 40% owned by Hakon Invest AB and 60% by Royal Ahold N.V. of the Netherlands. Due to a shareholder agreement, neither party has control of the company and the two share equal voting power. Through Royal Ahold, ICA AB is part of an international retail network. For more information, please visit http://www.ica.se

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About ICA ICA wants to make every day a little easier. With a focus on food and meals ICA is the leading retail company in Sweden. ICA owns and manages real estate and financial services. The 1.305 ICA stores in Sweden are operated by independent retailers in collaboration. ICA is a part of ICA Gruppen. For more information about ICA, see ica.se