Swedish iFoodbag signs contract that can prevent starvation in Kenya

"Up to 20 million carrier bags with cooler and freezer function shall prevent food waste"

How can you help people in need with just a carrier bag? That was the question Karl Fallgren and his company iFoodbag asked themselves as they flew to Kenya to research the possibilities that their paper bag with a cooler and freezer function could give concerning taking care of food and vaccines in exposed environments.

In November iFoodbag launched its paper carrier bag that keeps goods cool and frozen for up to 24 hours. Now the company has signed a purchasing contract with Equator One Logistics Ltd, with their Head Office in Nairobi, Kenya. Thanks to this company acting as distributor, up to 20 million carrier bags will be distributed throughout Africa to support the work with the reduction and prevention of starvation and food wastage. On site in Kenya it has been observed that, for example, vaccines cannot be kept cooler than 15 degrees using present solutions, but with iFoodbag's world-leading cooling technology the temperature is kept cooler by between 2-8 degrees Celsius and for a longer period of time. The company sees this as leading to a raise in the standard of living across all continents, and to improve the quality of foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals.

"This delivery is the largest in the company's history, partly because it represents a major order of €11M for us, but also when it comes to making a footprint in the world and being able to have an influence. We believe that the carrier bag can help people in both their everyday lives and in exposed areas around the world. The fact that it is an important global product is something we have already been recognised for very recently when we were named as one of the winners of the magazines Ny Teknik and Affärsvärlden's prestigious "33 list" for the second year running," says Karl Fallgren, CEO and founder of iFoodbag.

The company received a sizeable EU grant for its innovation, and was named as one of the winners on the "33 list" for the second time is something that Karl Fallgren believes there are three reasons for: the carrier bag contributes to a sustainable environment and fewer carbon dioxide emissions, it can become a catalyst for e-commerce globally, and last but not least thanks to the potential of the new refrigeration technology it can help prevent food waste and starvation.

"More than 800 million people are starving all over the world, and with the help of our technology we want to manage foodstuffs better and be able to distribute both food and vaccines so that millions of people, for example in the refugee camps of the world, can be helped,” says Karl Fallgren.

The first carrier bags have already been shipped and will be distributed gradually with the help of Equator One Logistics Ltd, who are in direct contact with the aid organisations. Both pharmaceuticals and foodstuffs will be kept cool better and longer in the carrier bags. This project has never been carried out before and is expected to have a major impact in Africa, starting in Kenya.

“We believe that the iFoodbag® will be a game changer when it comes to helping people in need, and we are very proud of working with them as well as the aid organizations. A lot of food goes to waste because there are no sufficient solutions to keep products cool enough in this climate and to transport them in a good way, but this carrier bag will ensure safe delivery for temperature sensitive medicines and vaccines in environments where electricity is not available or not consistent. This will change the delivery system in Africa and can be a lifesaving product,” says Abdulaziz Ali, CEO of Equator One Logistics Ltd.

For further information please contact:

Karl Fallgren, CEO and founder of iFoodbag AB

Phone: +46 76 163 47 03

E-mail: karl.fallgren@ifoodbag.se

Gustaf Graah-Hagelbäck, Inmema PR

Phone: +46 70 719 34 84

E-mail: gustaf.graah-hagelback@inmema.com

About iFoodbag: WE SIMPLIFY LIFE.

iFoodbag is a Swedish start-up company and newcomer in the packaging industry. It was founded in 2013 and developed the unique paper bag of that name, the iFoodbag®. The iFoodbag® is an innovative bag made from a composite material that can protect chilled and frozen food for up to 24 hours as a passive packaging solution. The iFoodbag®. is intended to solve inter alia the following problems:

• E-commerce logistics challenge: costs and product quality

• Improved quality for chilled and frozen items

• Environmental waste

The company has received a number of awards for its new approach and start-up idea. For further information, please visit www.ifoodbag.com.

About Us

ifoodbag is the Swedish newcomer in the packaging industry who developed the unique paper carrier bag with the same name. The company was set up in 2013 with a vision of a more sustainable society through offering consumers and businesses cost-effective, environmentally-friendly and robust packaging solutions with chilling and freezing functionality. The company has received a number of awards for its new approach and world-leading work.For further information, please visit www.ifoodbag.com