IFS brings to market Tail Planning, Optimization and Assignment solution for civil aviation sector

  • Solution ensures optimal aircraft allocation for all flights and routes 
  • Dynamic scheduling reduces impact of maintenance on airline operations

IFS, the global enterprise applications company, has brought to market a 24/7 tail planning and maintenance allocation solution for the global civil aviation industry. IFS Tail Planning, Optimization & Assignment™ maximizes aircraft allocation efficiency, supports aircraft planning and optimally schedules maintenance events—allowing airline operators to make informed decisions faster.

IFS Tail Planning, Optimization & Assignment provides full visibility and dynamic optimization within a single solution, well in advance of planned flight tasking and maintenance events. Planners can now handle a wider planning window and dynamically manage hard and soft constraints that affect aircraft scheduling, such as destination or maintenance requirements, and analyze the impact of these events on the flight schedule. Maintenance engineers now benefit from full visibility, ahead of planned maintenance events and available aircraft ground times.

Airlines further benefit from access controls, dynamic role-based workflow management, and master data management for constraints—while taking into account service level agreements (SLAs).

“The solution maximizes fuel savings by reducing maintenance inefficiency through better allocation of aircraft to long-haul routes and assigning an aircraft for maintenance, within the maintenance window,” said Graham Grose, industry director for Aerospace & Defense at IFS. “The solution will play a key role in helping airlines achieve business goals and grow even further in what is an extremely competitive market. As a global leader in the aviation industry, IFS looks forward to continuing to work with airlines across the globe.”

More information about how IFS supports companies in the civil aviation sector: www.ifsworld.com/corp/industries/aerospace-and-defense/civil-aviation-sector/.

Anders Lundin, Corporate Communications. Telephone: 46 8 58 78 45 00, press@ifsworld.com

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