IFS launches IFS Applications 2000, including support for Internet shopping

IFS launches IFS Applications 2000, including support for Internet shopping In two months, IFS Applications 2000 will be launched, making IFS the first ERP vendor in the world to launch a third generation of a complete, component- based ERP system. On September 1 this year, the ERP system will be translated and ready for shipment and will be available during the fall in 33 countries simultaneously, initiating the first-ever global launch of an IFS product. Two years ago, IFS launched the world's first complete ERP system based entirely on component technology, IFS Applications 98, resulting in a breakthrough in sales for IFS. This marked the beginning of IFS' strong expansion. During the past five quarters, IFS has been the fastest growing ERP vendor in the world. Having grown by 96% in 1998, IFS has now advanced from th th 19 to 12 place among ERP vendors globally. "Given our continued growth during the first quarter of 1999 and the fact that our competitors are losing ground, we expect to be the largest supplier of ERP systems on the Swedish market this year," predicts Gösta Blomqvist, president of IFS Sweden. IFS is the fourth most research-intensive company in Sweden, according to the Swedish magazine, Ny Teknik. For example, a total of 500,000 hours were spent on the continued development of IFS Applications during 1998. As a result, IFS Applications 2000 is now completely adapted to all the demands of an international market with respect to cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and functionality. Delivery and implementation times have been shortened considerably. This means that IFS Applications can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively as the system is almost self-descriptive, containing ready-made business scenarios, templates for project implementation (Fast Track: with eight weeks implementation time), configurable process models and a web-based, pedagogically structured training and practice material. This provides customers with total freedom to choose the components that best support their change processes. "Component-based ERP systems represent an entirely new development which, in the long-term, will dominate the market. At the same time, one advantage is that the component-based flexibility makes it possible to complement the older, complicated monolithic financial systems with IFS Applications," comments Bengt Nilsson, president of the IFS Group. In addition to the product being better packaged to enable faster, easier implementation, IFS also offers significantly enhanced functionality, such as: - A fully developed Front Office package, which has been extended with the world-leading, Internet-based product configurator, marketing encyclopedia, and proposal generator from the newly acquired subsidiary, Exactium. IFS Front Office is used to create an information flow from customers direct to the design and production departments - and all the way through to delivery and support. It ensures that the product is configured correctly at the beginning of the sales process. The same information forms the basis for after-sales commitments. - Backbone for Internet shopping, which as been developed in cooperation with an Internet shopping service provider. A presentation of this company and a further description of how IFS Applications is used as a backbone in the company's system for e-commerce will be provided in August this year. - IFS Connect is based on sophisticated technology which makes it easy to connect IFS Applications to other ERP systems, the Internet, WAP telephones (WAP= Wireless Application Protocol), mobile telephones, and other peripheral systems. The aim is to enable customers to quickly integrate IFS Applications in a heterogeneous environment. - IFS Business Performance, a new component for measuring business performance. - IFS Employee Development and IFS Recruitment, which supplement IFS' HR module with components for strategic human resource planning. - Supply Chain Management for planning and rationalizing the entire value- added chain, including the company's suppliers, resulting in shorter lead times, better use of resources and, therefore, improved service to the final customer. - IFS EAM (Enterprise Asset Management), a complete information system for the entire life cycle of a plant, from design to decommissioning. IFS EAM has been supplemented with a new design and document management system, providing customers with enhanced plant performance, lower costs and increased productivity. This is achieved by building up financial and technical plant registers in the design phase. - Continued support for project-oriented industry with further support for resource planning, purchasing, assembly, and quality assurance. - An increased focus on Service Management for after sales and service companies. About IFS and IFS Applications Industrial & Financial Systems, IFS AB, develops and supplies IFS Applications, which is a complete Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for business processes in medium-to-large-sized companies. It covers manufacturing, distribution, financials, maintenance management, resource management and engineering. The IFS business concept is to increase the freedom of action and competitiveness of companies by offering standardized business systems based on leading technologies. IFS Applications is one of the first business systems in the market developed entirely using a component-based architecture, which means that it can be readily adapted to the needs of individual customers. The system is equipped to handle the Y2K compliance issues and the introduction of the Euro. IFS is the world's fastest-growing company in the ERP and maintenance software market. The company has 2,200 employees and its products are sold in 33 countries around the world. Some of the more than 1,600 major customers include Volvo, NEC, Akzo Nobel, Caterpillar, Saab, Nikon, Kimball, AlliedSignal, Ericsson, International Paper, Sundstrand Corporation and Rover Group. For additional information, contact: Bengt Nilsson, President of IFS Rolf Erichs, Manager IFS Corp. Comm. Tel: +46 13 20 15 00 Tel: +46 13 13 03 18 Fax: +46 13 20 15 01 Fax: +46 13 12 43 73 E-mail: bengt.nilsson@ifsab.se E-mail: rolf.erichs@ifsab.se IFS' Web: www.ifsab.com IFS Applications is a trademark of IFS Industrial and Financial Systems. All other referenced company or product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit http://www.bit.se for further information The following files are available for download: http://www.bit.se/bitonline/1999/06/16/19990616BIT00410/bit0001.doc http://www.bit.se/bitonline/1999/06/16/19990616BIT00410/bit0002.pdf

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