About Us

Incell offers Lithium based power and battery solutions for telecom. Incell is developing all its products based on the general benefits with lithium batteries vs. VRLA batteries, e.g., light weight (1/4th) and smaller volume (1/2), as well as smart functions like state of charge (time to discharged) and state of health (time to replace the battery). Incell has taken these benefits even further by offering Plug & Play telecom rectifier compatible Lithium battery solutions, which enables Telecom operators to replace existing battery back-up with Incell Lithium batteries without swapping the rectifiers. With its Smart Lithium Power, SLP™ product range, Incell offers a complete and smart power and battery back-up in a box especially for tomorrow’s city sites. Incell’s Always Connected™ remote management service for all product helps to improve availability while saving costs for Telecom operators by intelligent remote management, smart tools and fact based services, analyzes and optimization. Incell is also offering Telecom operators to gain full control of its power back-up costs, we call it Battery-as-a-Service™. INCELL International – Always checked, Always charged™ www.incellint.com