Industrivärden new part-owner in Internet security company Interpeak

Industrivärden new part-owner in Internet security company Interpeak Industrivärden is entering in as a new part-owner of the newly started Internet security company Interpeak, with 20 percent of the capital and votes. The company's founders are the other part-owners. The capital con- tribution will be used to strongly expand the company's product portfolio. Interpeak develops and sells technically qualified software that provides security for embedded systems used on the Internet. In the years immedi- ately ahead, billions of embedded systems are expected to be used online, which will create an immense need for security solutions. Interpeak has the required know-how to meet this development. Embedded systems are computers that are built into industrial and consumer products, such as cars, mobile phones, manufacturing machinery, and so on. They are used in essentially all electronics products, and today tens of billions of embedded systems are already in use around the world. When embedded systems are used online via the Internet, substantial value- added is created by enabling control and upgrading of products. However, the lack of effective security solutions has limited the opportunities to use embedded systems online. Interpeak is at the forefront in developing software that enables secure networking applications. The company cur- rently has six products on the market. Interpeak was founded by Lennart Bång, Johan Fornaeus and Ulf Olofsson. Bång's achievements include creation of a globally leading communication structure (TCP/IP-stack), which is used by several international telecom companies, and he has founded and headed the Internet protocol company Netstream AB. Fornaeus, with 17 years of experience with embedded systems, founded OSE in 1984 and was its chief executive until 1989. He has also served as chief technology officer at ENEA Data. In 1992 he and Olofsson founded the real-time operating system manufacturer Unicore Labs AB. "Through Industrivärden's active involvement, Interpeak will be gaining a long-term, stable owner with a valuable contact network," says Johan For- naeus, CEO of Interpeak. Carl-Olof By, Executive Vice President of Industrivärden, comments: "De- mand for embedded systems security products on the Internet is very strong, and with the help of capital from Industrivärden, Interpeak will have the opportunity to meet this demand and thereby dramatically grow its business." Stockholm, Sweden, September 28, 2000 AB INDUSTRIVÄRDEN (publ) For further information, please contact: Carl-Olof By, Executive Vice President and CFO, Industrivärden, tel. +46- 8-666 64 00 Johan Fornaeus, President and CEO, Interpeak, tel. +46-8-776 40 81 or visit and ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: