Industrivärden's Stock Split (May 25, 1998)

Industrivärden´s Stock Split (May 25, 1998) The record date for the 4:1 stock split decided on by Industrivärden´s Annual General Meeting on May 5, 1998, whereby four new shares will be issued in exchange for each existing share, will be May 29, 1998, as planned. This means that the last day for quotation of Industrivärden´s shares and CPNs with the old par value will be Tuesday, May 26, 1998, and that Industrivärden´s shares and CPNs will be quoted with the new par value starting on Wednesday, May 27, 1998. Stockholm, May 25, 1998 AB INDUSTRIVÄRDEN (publ.) For further information, please call: Mr. Clas Reuterskiöld, President and CEO of Industrivärden, tel. +46 8 666 64 00 Mr. Thomas Nordvaller, General Counsel, Industrivärden, tel. +46 8 666 64 00