Industrivärden to assist in Indutrade incentive program

Industrivärden is offering senior executives of Indutrade the opportunity, at going-rate terms in the market, to purchase stock and by Industrivärden issued stock options in Indutrade. The offer is being carried out in accordance with the ambitions that Indus-trivärden expressed in the listing prospectus published in connection with the IPO of In-dutrade on October 5, 2005. The aim is, in the capacity as an active owner of Indutrade, to encourage management’s long-term commitment to and involvement in the company. The offer gives approximately 50 senior executives the right to purchase a combined maximum of 351,000 shares and 353,000 by Industrivärden issued stock options in In-dutrade. Indutrade will subsidize the offer under certain conditions. The conditions for this sub-sidization and for issued stock options are outlined in a separate press release from In-dutrade. Upon full acceptance of the offer and full exercise of issued stock options, the offered shares and stock options will amount to approximately 1.7% of the shares in Indutrade. At full exercise Industrivärden’s shareholding in Indutrade will amount to approximately 36%. Stockholm, October 31, 2005 AB INDUSTRIVÄRDEN (publ) For further information, please contact: Anders Nyrén, President and CEO, Industrivärden, tel. +46-8-666 64 00


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