Year-End Report 1999

Year-End Report 1999 _ Consolidated earnings After financial SEK 4,603 M ( 2,148) items: Unrealized growth in SEK 22,213 M (5,193) value for listed portf lio: _ Listed portfolio Value at December SEK 54,298 M (30,043) 31: Growth in value: +87%,General Index +66% Total return: +91%,Total Return +70% Index _ Net asset value At December 31: SEK 298 (160)per share and CPN Increase from start +86% (+7%) of the year: _ Industrivärden 's stock Price trend: +70%,General Index +66% Total return: +76%,Total Return +70% Index *The subsidiaries Hydraut ,Rapid Granulator and Timelox were sold during the final quarter,for a combined capital gain of SEK 100 M. * The shareholding in AGA was sold for SEK 4.0 billion and a capital gain of SEK 3.3 billion. * The Board proposes that the ordinary dividend for 1999 be raised by SEK 0.50 t SEK 5.00 per share.In addition the Board purp ses a b nus dividend for 1999 of SEK 1:00 per share and thus the total dividend for 1999 will be SEK 6:00 per share.Interest per CPN would thus be SEK 6.90. ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: The full report The full report