Shell customers are offered IP- telephony

Shell Sweden is offering 15 000 of its customers to call abroad and to cellular phones with IP telephony (phone calls made over a computer network). This offer is made as a result of the co-operation between Shell Sweden and the Swedish telecom company Glocalnet. The customer only needs his or her regular telephone and hence there is no need for modem, computer or Internet access to be able to call. The customer simply calls a 020-number (toll free number) and then the subscriber number he or she wants to reach. The prices are, to most destinations in the world, below what the major telecommunication companies offer. th The trial period will begin the 25 of May and will continue until the 31 of August. If the trial period is a success, Shell may offer IP telephony in a larger scale. Glocalnet is a next-generation telecommunication company that combines telecommunications and IP networking technology to produce flexible and costeffective services. Currently, the company is building a Pan-European network for Voice-over-IP services. Glocalnet is an initiator of a global Voice-overIP alliance covering four continents. Glocalnet´s headquarters are located in Stockholm, Sweden. The Company's stock is listed on the Reuters page of Aragon, a Swedish investment bank. For further information please contact: Stefan Krook, Johan Söderberg Chief Executive Officer Product Manger Shell Sweden Johan Svanström Shell Sweden Marketing Manager Armégatan 38, 171 79 Solna, Sweden Glocalnet AB Tel: + 46 8 730 85 92 Hälsingegatan 40, 113 43 Stockholm, Sweden Fax: + 46 8 730 18 02 Tel: +46 8 566 34 100 Fax: +46 8 566 34 141

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