Implementation of Insplorion sensor in AGM batteries successful

Insplorion initiated a collaboration with AGM Batteries funded by an American power component company in September last year. The objectives were to develop battery cells with commercial manufacturing methods with integrated Insplorion sensors. The tests focusing on manufacturing methods, evaluation of fibre type and size as well as battery performance has proven successful.

Over 20 cells with different fibres, sizes, positioning and mounting methodologies has been manufactured during the project. Extensive tests have been carried out on sealing integrity to ensure that the lithium-ion pouch cell seal is not compromised. The results show that the smaller fibres of 125um can be mounted in an effective way to maintain the vacuum seal. Parallel measurements with batteries without fibres have been conducted showing that the thin sensor does not affect the lithium-ion cells’ capacity.

“We are very pleased about these results and they have encouraged us to increase our efforts within our battery sensor project. These results will enable us to engage further in our dialogue with the industry”, Says Patrik Dahlqvist, CEO at Insplorion.

The last batch of four battery cells, with the optimized configuration, will be evaluated with a focus on sensor performance in collaboration with Uppsala University and is expected be finalized before the summer vacation.

"AGM Batteries has been developing embedded sensors and electronics inside lithium-ion cells for automotive and energy storage applications for acquiring, monitoring and transmission of data for the Battery Management System (BMS). The Insplorion sensor provides a great opportunity to determine State of Charge measurement direct from the cell. The results have been very encouraging so far and AGM are enthusiastic to continue close collaboration with the Insplorion team”, says Steven Farmer, Chief Operating Officer of AGM Batteries Ltd.

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