Positive results verify the possibility of profitable serial production of Insplorion’s nanosensors

The pre-study project, in collaboration with RISE Acreo, "Miniaturization of a nanosensor system for batteries" verifies that it is possible to build very cheap fiber optic sensor systems that meet the requirements of the NPS battery sensor. The market survey has also shown that the fiber optic system will work for other commercially interesting applications in, for example, in vivo diagnostics, and process industries. The results of the project will be used in future development, especially for the battery sensor, but also for other fiber-based sensor applications.

Insplorion, together with RISE Acreo, has recently completed the preliminary study "Miniaturization of a nanosensor system for batteries", where the purpose of the preliminary study was to investigate the possibility of designing a fiber optic sensor system based on NPS for large-scale production at low cost. The primary application is battery monitoring, but as the platform easily can be applied in other areas, have these also been taken into account.

"The key conclusions from the project are that it has been confirmed and clarified that we can use volume components that enable a competitive manufacturing price and how it will scale in manufacturing with larger volumes. We can build cheap sensor systems for a first series of batteries for niche applications. However, some technical development and verification are necessary to build the sensor systems that can reach the broad market," says Patrik Dahlqvist, CEO Insplorion.

Insplorion will continue development in cooperation with RISE Acreo and industrial actors. Via RISE Acreo, Insplorion has access to Sweden's leading expertise in the manufacture and use of optical fibers.

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Insplorion AB is a Swedish company that develops and sells its technology NanoPlasmonic Sensing (NPS), which sees what is happening on the nano-scale in a fundamentally new way. Within the business area "Instruments", Insplorion's measurement instruments provide researchers, within materials- and life science, around the world with the ability to obtain real-time data with nanometre sensitivity. Within the business area "Sensor Systems", Insplorion's NPS technology is used to solve specific measurement problems, where the technology's combination of sensitivity, robustness and possibility for miniaturisation are exploited. Here batch produced sensor solutions, for e.g. continuous control of power in electric car batteries or the air quality in large cities, are developed in collaboration with industrial players.


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