Klimatrör to carry out heating and plumbing installations in two new Stockholm projects

Instalco’s subsidiary Klimatrör has been awarded the assignment to carry out heating and plumbing installations in two projects at Södermalm in Stockholm. The total order value for the two projects, named Medborgarhuset and Stockholmsverken, amounts to SEK 53 million.

“It is two collaboration projects where we are participating in an early stage of the planning”, says Tomas Gauffin, CEO of Klimatrör.

Medborgarhuset (“The Civic Building”), located on Medborgarplatsen in Stockholm and built in 1939, will be renovated and developed into a more attractive and available meeting place. The building will get a common entrance, the baths will be renovated, and it will be possible to easily walk around between the various activities within the premises.

The City of Stockholm is the building proprietor, and PEAB is the customer where Klimatrör participates in a collaborative project where the construction will take approximately two years.

The second project is named Stockholmsverken (House 1), where planning has started and an option for the remaining parts (House 2-4) also is included. AMF Fastigheter is the building proprietor, and In3prenör is the customer. Klimatrör is part of the collaboration project in which House 1 will be completed during 2018.

The old industry block Stockholmsverken, situated by Södra Station, will be reconstructed to 20,000 square meters of shops, cafés and restaurants. The block was built in its characteristic style in the early 1900s and is part of Stockholm’s industrial history; ASEA later moved to the premises and gave the building its name.

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