Braathens Improves Efficiency with Movex MRO

Braathens Improves Efficiency with Movex MRO Stockholm, Sweden and Oslo, Norway- Intentia Business Group Northern Europe announced today that the Norwegian airline Braathens will implement Movex MRO as its new enterprise application. In a preliminary study, Intentia and Braathens together will produce an overall implementation strategy, including specifications for the first phase of the actual implementation. "We looked at most of the available suppliers. The combination of Movex MRO's functionality and Intentia's competence tipped the scales in Intentia's favor," says Harald Rosnes, Technology Director, Braathens. Few industries are as dependent on coordinated planning between core operations and maintenance production as the airline industry. Naturally, the main reason for this is the focus on safety where passenger security is the top priority. With its large fleet of Boeing 737s, Braathens is one of Norway's leading airlines and has more than 360 daily departures in northern Europe. Maintenance is not to be considered an expense but rather a resource that makes it possible to generate revenue. Intentia has been supplying solutions to other Nordic airlines for a number of years and has consistently developed Movex MRO to meet the stringent requirements and needs of the airline industry. "We see the selection of Movex as an important part of Braathens' overall cost-savings program. We expect the functionality in Movex to enable us to be significantly more cost-effective. The results of the preliminary study will show us the potential savings we can expect after implementing Movex," adds Rosnes. "We started developing Movex MRO specifically for the airline industry as early as 1992. Today, Intentia is the dominant player in the Nordic market with a two-thirds market share," explains Håkan Rosvall, Industry Application Center MRO, Intentia. "We are of course delighted that Braathens has selected Movex but even more pleased in Braathens to have gained yet another partner for our endeavors to develop Movex into the best enterprise application in the airline industry." Braathens began the procurement process for a new enterprise application in 1999 and has carefully examined every supplier. This contract represents important confirmation for Intentia. "We have focused clearly on the customer's need throughout the process," says Espen Andersen, Marketing Manager, Intentia Norge. "Switching IT systems is a big and important event for any company, which is why the company must carry out a very careful analysis of suppliers. I felt very proud when Braathens selected Movex-proud of our world-class products and, most of all, of the contributions made by all of our talented colleagues. An unbeatable combination!" For more information please contact: Espen Andersen Marketing Manager Intentia Norge Telephone: + 47 667 720 89 Cell phone: +47 913 046 72 e-Mail: Harald Rosnes Technology Director Braathens Telephone: +47 51 659 000 e-Mail: Thomas Ahlerup Director Investor Relations Intentia International AB Telephone: +46-8-5552 5766 Fax: +46-8-5552 5999 Cell phone: +46-708-545 666 e-Mail: About Intentia Intentia is one of the world's leading suppliers of collaboration solutions. Our vision is to become the leading global collaboration solutions vendor by supplying our customers with tomorrow's solutions today. Intentia offers a one-stop shop for all collaboration needs within numerous industry segments. We develop, implement and maintain our own solutions to produce the highest possible level of customer satisfaction. The Intentia Solution consists of applications covering customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise management (ENM), supply chain management (SCM), business performance measurement (BPM), e-business and value chain collaboration (VCC). Intentia has more than 3,200 employees and serves over 3,400 customers in the manufacturing, maintenance and distribution industries via a global network spanning some 40 countries. Intentia is a public company traded on the Stockholm Stock Exchange (XSSE) under the symbol INT B. Visit Intentia's Web site at ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: