Intentia and Connecta will extend Movex workflow- and e-business functionality

Intentia and Connecta will extend Movex workflow- and e-business functionality E-business specialist Connecta has become an Intentia VIP, Verified Interface Partner. This means that Connecta, together with Intentia, will be able to build workflow and e-business solutions based on Intentia's enterprise application Movex. Examples of functionality that Connecta can add to the Intentia Solution is Internet based reporting from customers, distributors and employees. Through the VIP-agreement, Connecta will get access to the Movex API Toolkit and the Intentia VIP Web site containing information on how to integrate third party products with the Movex Enterprise Application. Connecta will also get access to a test environment that will help Connecta and Intentia ensure that the integration functions as intended. "We are excited about becoming an Intentia VIP. This will increase our ability to supply our customers with solutions that combine Connecta's technology and our experience in the new digital economy with Intentia's e-business experiences and proven enterprise application expertise," says Johan Wieslander, vice VD Connecta Interaction AB. By using the Movex API Toolkit, Connecta will be able to integrate their groupware and internetbased products within areas such as Web based human resource solutions and sales support with Movex. Says Johan Berg, Managing Director, Intentia R&D, "The VIP agreement is a way for Intentia to help our customers expand their existing Movex functionality. But it is also a way to ensure our current and potential customers that they will be able to easily adopt new technologies supplied by third party vendors into the Intentia Solution." Connecta is an Internet consulting company in the field of business development via the Internet. The company offers services in the following areas: Strategy, The Internet & IT, and Human Resource Management. Connecta currently has approximately 400 employees and is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. For further information, please contact: Anders Ekman Johan Wieslander vVD Intentia R&D vVD Connecta Interaction AB Tel: 08-444 56 30 +46 8 412 30 62 ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: