Intentia and IBM signs Letter of Intent to develop ASP services for Intentia's e-solutions

Intentia and IBM signs Letter of Intent to develop ASP services for Intentia's e-solutions Intentia, a leading provider of Enterprise Applications, and IBM today announced a Letter of Intent regarding development and hosting of application services. Using IBM's e-business framework Intentia will work with IBM Global Services to extend Movex' current e-business capabilities with complementary e-business solutions and services. Intentia ASP will be a new set of offerings designed to help companies address the challenges of e-business and exploit the value of the Internet. Customers will be able to enjoy the full capabilities of Intentia's Enterprise Application system Movex and its seamlessly integrated e-business solutions. Without the overheads of investments in hardware and IT-maintenance this will enable Intentia's customers to leap-frog into the new e-business economy. "This will be a very competitive offering enabling customers to invest in enterprise applications without large capital outlay and at a manageable and predictable cost", said Intentia's CEO and President Björn Algkvist. "It will enable them to implement an integrated global enterprise application and e-business solution rapidly, freeing them from IT support costs and enabling them to focus on their core business activities. Our choice of IBM Global Services for this partnership makes perfect business sense, considering their acclaimed skills in application hosting and e- business solutions combined with a global presence that's hard to beat." "Companies are not just buying back-bone ERP today. They are buying an entrance to do e-business and manage the e-business challenge. Intentia is bringing an exciting new set of capabilities to medium sized enterprises" said Sanjaya Addanki, Vice President of IBM Global Services' e-business Hosting Services. "With IBM Global Services providing a robust infrastructure to host the Movex application and supplement it with e- business content and services, Intentia will be able to devote their attention to helping their customers implement the business solution rapidly and at lower cost. This builds on the long term relationship we have with Intentia and helps ours and Intentia's customers meet the challenges of e-business". "Along with the increasing demand for integrated e-business solutions, Intentia ASP will be an attractive solution especially suited for medium- sized companies in many industries, as it offers great flexibility when it comes to adjusting capacity and functionality to match growing and advanced requirements," says Anders Ekman, e-business manager Intentia International. For further information, please contact Björn Algkvist Wynne Morris President and CEO Media Relations, manager Intentia International AB IBM Global Services EMEA Tel. +46 8 5552 5605 Tel. +33 1 41 886 514 Company information Intentia, Company information IBM Global Services, ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: