Intentia issues convertible notes

Intentia International plans to issue convertible notes of approximately 100 MEUR for continued expansion Intentia is well positioned in the market as one of the major global Enterprise Application vendors, rapidly gaining market share. With a competitive product range and a rapidly increasing share of e-commerce related business; strong growth is expected to continue over the coming years. Intentia's target is to be active in the restructuring process going on in the Enterprise Application industry and in the present market the company has good opportunities to further strengthen its position. To finance further expansion as well as to establish a financial preparedness in a market undergoing a rapid restructuring Intentia International board of directors has decided to propose, to an extraordinary shareholders meeting, to authorize the board of directors to issue convertible notes, aimed at international investors and present shareholders. The intention is to raise approximately 100 MEUR, with a maturity of five years. After conversion the maximum dilution will correspond to 4000 000 shares. Intentia has appointed Lehman Brothers as financial advisor in conjunction with this offering. For more information, please contact: Björn Algkvist CEO and President, Intentia International Tel. +46 8 444 5605 Håkan Gyrulf Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Intentia International Tel. +46 8 444 5825 Hans Nedenius, Vice President, Legal Affairs, Intentia International Tel. +46 8 444 5602 Further information about Intentia: ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: