Intentia launches Movex for Unix

INTENTIA LAUNCHES MOVEX FOR UNIX New Release of Company's Flagship Enterprise Product Has Potential to Double Intentia's Customer Base At the Gartner Group IT Symposium in Cannes today, Intentia announced the launch of Movex for AIX, IBM's version of Unix, which will complement the existing certified Movex platforms (AS/400 and Windows NT). By launching a Unix version of Movex, Intentia is extending the potential customer base to include companies that already have Unix competence and resources and which do not wish to invest in yet another platform. From the second quarter 2000, Movex will be available on IBM RS/6000 servers running AIX 4.3.3 and DB2 6.1. By late Autumn 2000, Intentia also plans to port Movex to Monterey, a Unix version being developed by IBM, SCO, Sequent and Intel. "We see Unix as an important complement to today's AS/400 and Windows NT platforms," said Johan Berg, Managing Director, Intentia R&D. By launching an AIX, and later a Monterey version of Movex, we have created a whole new potential customer base for Intentia. With the our Monterey release later in 2000 we will be able to extend Movex to other Unix platforms and offer our customers even more choice." The Monterey project is aimed at developing the next generation Unix based on current Unix versions from IBM, Sequent and SCO, Santa Cruz Operations. Chip giant Intel is also involved in the project to ensure that Monterey will run on its next processor architecture, the IA-64. Movex NextGen is a Java based enterprise application system. Because of the portability of Java, Movex NextGen can easily be deployed on many different platforms as long as those platforms employ a Java Virtual Machine. For further information, please contact: Johan Berg Jan Lindow Managing Director, Intentia R&D InformationOfficer, Intentia International Tel +46 8 444 5613 +46 708 44 56 33 ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: