Intentia prepares financially for continued strong growth in a market offering new possibilities

Intentia prepares financially for continued strong growth in a market offering new possibilities Intentia Internationals' extraordinary general meeting, earlier today, decided to give the Board of Directors the authorization to pass a resolution upon one or several issues of convertible notes, that entitles to a conversion into a maximum of 4,000,000 shares in the company, corresponding to an increase in the nominal share capital of a maximum of SEK 40 million in total. The issue may be proceeded with the notice of or exception to the shareholders preferential right. The reason for accepting an exception to the preferential right is the Company's financial requirements and an ambition to widening the shareholding in the company. Intentia's CEO and President Björn Algkvist, commented: "The market has been slow the first quarter this year, with a negative impact on licensing fees and thereby results. This development will, as expected and in line with previous forecasts, continue to have a negative impact on the first half of 1999. My belief is that the market will recover during the second half of the year." "Intentia has maintained its competitive position despite the turbulent market, and is well prepared to further increase its competitiveness in attractive fields such as electronic commerce. With our present position, having a big and loyal customer base, a strong offering and a global organization, Intentia has every chance as an Enterprise Applications vendor to take a leading position in the e-business market, and therefore, we have now decided to make major, long-term investments. The reason for the planned issue of convertible notes is to increase Intentia's financial preparedness to support a continued annual growth rate of 40%." For more information, please contact: Björn Algkvist CEO and President, Intentia International Tel. +46 8 444 5605 Håkan Gyrulf Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Intentia International Tel. +46 8 444 5825 Hans Nedenius, Vice President, Legal Affairs, Intentia International Tel. +46 8 444 5602 Further information about Intentia: ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: