Intentia's Java-based Movex NextGen Delivers Second-to-none Performance in New B

Intentia's Java-based Movex NextGen Delivers Second-to-none Performance in New Benchmark Test Stockholm, Sweden and Rochester, MN, USA-Intentia International AB (publ) (XSSE: INT B) today announces second-to-none performance from the latest benchmark test of Intentia's Java-based Movex NextGen. The achieved results were a throughput of 1,163,364 fully processed "customer order" business transactions per hour. The average response time for each transaction was 0.15 seconds. The transaction load produced is, according to Movex Sizing Methodology, comparable to over 50,000 hyperactive users. A hyperactive user is logged on to the system and consumes system resources. Typically this type of user accesses the system permanently and intensively works with the system on a regular basis. This type of user definition is appropriate for telesales and data entry environments. When the maximum throughput was achieved, the CPU utilization was at 86 percent. This means that Movex NextGen delivers considerably better scalability than the competition and is positioned as the safest investment available today. The results also show linear scalability to the maximum load with response times well below the measurement reference points. This proves that Movex NextGen's architecture is solid and extremely well built according to what a modern e-collaboration application must cope with from a technology point of view. "This historic achievement proves the type of performance we can provide customers with today. This is increasingly important since the new collaborative business models involve many layers of information, including Internet-based transactions, which will drive transaction volumes through the roof. Scalability will be key," comments Johan Berg, Managing Director, Intentia R & D. Berg continues, "With probably one of the best development teams in the world, we have created technology and a software architecture that proves Java to be a serious player in a one- server based configuration, delivering performance previously unheard of." The Movex NextGen application is the first and only complete e-collaboration application written in Java. Movex NextGen delivers future-proof technology that not only supplies the market with outstanding architecture and technology, but also protects the customer's investment and delivers outstanding cost of ownership, configurability and ease of future software upgrades. "We have gotten many questions where specialists have doubted Java's ability to deliver performance. My answer to these doubts is that, once and for all, the issue of whether Java can deliver performance can be dismissed," Berg comments. He concludes, "Java is not only a smart platform on which to develop mission-critical enterprise software. It is absolutely genius." "Intentia has always focussed, and will always focus, on delivering world-leading technology. In 1996, Intentia made a bet-a bet that Java would emerge as the leading platform and de facto standard for the delivery of next generation enterprise software. The results from the benchmark test prove that the bet paid off and have now definitely put Intentia and iSeries ahead of the competition as technology leaders," says Jim Anderson, Program Manager, iSeries Development, IBM Inc. Short Facts about the Benchmark Test Scope The purpose of the benchmark test was to highlight transaction throughput and the impact on response time for complete customer orders on an IBM eServer iSeries. The secondary mission was to verify that Movex contained no design bottlenecks when running very high transaction loads. The business transaction (entering a customer order) selected for this benchmark test was a central, but highly complex, operation with a high number of database interactions. Each individual customer order contained one order line for every simulated order. The benchmark test was conducted according to the Movex Sizing Methodology guidelines. The benchmark test was performed in Rochester, Minnesota at the IBM Customer Benchmark Center in a restricted benchmark environment by IBM staff. Benchmark definitions A benchmark test is a defined process that measures a particular application against one or more computer platforms. The benchmark results are used to provide objective numbers and can be used to determine how the application performs on the different platforms tested. Intentia and its International Competency Center hardware partners have jointly developed the benchmark definition to test performance of the Movex NextGen Java application. Configuration The hardware configuration for the benchmark test consisted of one centralized server, an IBM eServer iSeries 840 running Movex NextGen version 11.4. The complete white paper can be downloaded from For further information, please contact: Thomas Ahlerup Director Corporate Communications & Investor Relations Intentia International AB (publ) Telepho +46-8-5552 5766 ne: Fax: +46-8-5552 5999 Cell +46-708-545 666 phone: e-mail: Lars Wettergren Director Intentia Platform Competency Centers Intentia R & D Telepho +46 13 35 9142 ne: Fax: +46 13 35 91 03 Cell +46 708 35 91 42 phone: e-mail: lars.wettergren@i Jim Anderson Program Manager IBM iSeries IBM Inc. Telepho +1 (507) 253- ne: 4888 e-mail: About Intentia Intentia is one of the world's leading suppliers of e-collaboration solutions. Our vision is to become the leading global e-collaboration solutions vendor by supplying our customers with tomorrow's solutions today. Intentia offers a one-stop shop for all e-collaboration needs within numerous industry segments. We develop, implement and maintain our own solutions to produce the highest possible level of customer satisfaction. The Intentia Solution consists of applications covering customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), supply chain management (SCM), partner relationship management (PRM), business performance measurement (BPM) and e-business. Intentia has more than 3,200 employees and serves over 3,400 customers in the manufacturing, maintenance and distribution industries via a global network spanning some 40 countries. Intentia is a public company traded on the Stockholm Stock Exchange (XSSE) under the symbol INT B. Visit Intentia's Web site at ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: