Intentia takes intelligent agent technology from the lab to real-world Enterprise Applications

Intentia takes intelligent agent technology from the lab to real-world Enterprise Applications Customer benefits include revolutionized Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain Management and Market Tracking and Pricing Leading enterprise application vendor, Intentia, today unveiled intelligent agent technology which will dramatically change the way business deals are negotiated and executed. Movex Intelligent Agent is a piece of software that has its own intelligence. It can be used to search the Internet or an intranet and negotiate deals within different areas such as Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain Management, Market Pricing, and MRO (maintenance, repair, overhaul). "The use of intelligent agents has so far been limited to small-scale features such as reporting and web-search technology," says Johan Berg, Managing Director of Intentia R&D. "With Movex Intelligent Agent we have taken a huge step towards automating the enterprise procurement process by enabling software agents to find and negotiate deals instead of having personnel do it. This will dramatically reduce costs and time-to-delivery. This is a key part of Intentia's portfolio of e-business tools and solutions." Pricing is an important component of CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Intentia believes that in the new digital economy, business-to-business based 'auctions' will be an important method of disposing of surplus goods and services. These auctions will take place primarily over vertical portals, such as for the commodities market. In the future, these dynamic market pricing mechanisms are even expected to be used for premium goods and services. This is important, since an ability to be directly involved in the pricing process has been shown to have a very positive effect on customer loyalty, and thus provide competitive advantage for sellers. Another vital component of CRM is tracking customer behavior. Planning based on traditional statistical and analytical methods, such as budgeting, is becoming less and less important as a factor contributing to a company's competitiveness. Traditional analysis is based on continuity, but Intentia believes business carried out in the new digital economy will inevitably move more and more into a customer-centric paradigm in order to increase competitiveness. Therefore customer behavior cannot be accurately predicted using traditional analytical methods. With Movex Intelligent Agent, the system can track customer behavior, learn from previous experience, draw conclusions from that, and give recommendations for actions to be taken due to changes in customer behavior. General availability of Movex Intelligent Agent is planned for the third quarter of 2000. For further information, please contact: Mikael Berg Director, Technology requirements, Intentia R&D Tel +46 13 35 9130 Johan Berg, President, Intentia R&D Tel+46 8 444 56 00 About Intentia International Intentia is one of the world's leading suppliers of enterprise applications. The company's business concept is to develop and make business processes more effective by combining software and know-how. Intentia's enterprise application Movex, is one of the most advanced on the market and is available in a number of industry applications to meet the unique requirements of different industry sectors. Movex is also one of the cornerstones of the Intentia Solution: a unique set of tools, methods and functionality for configuring and implementing enterprise applications. With the Intentia Solution, Intentia offers customers seamless e-business solutions, a fast growing segment of Intentia's business. Intentia's 1998 revenues were more than US$ 300 million and the company has 3,200 employees in 40 countries around the world. More company information about Intentia; ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: