Singapore Polytechnics

Stockholm, Feb 1, 2000 Singapore Polytechnic confirms Intentia's technology lead within e- business - will base their e-commerce education on Intentia's Java-based Movex NextGen Students taking Diplomas in e-commerce at the Singapore Polytechnic will now get a solid education in e-business, Supply Chain Management and Customer Relationship Management through the Java-based Movex Enterprise Application from Intentia. Singapore Polytechnic, with over 19 000 enrolled students, is the first tertiary institution in Asia to adopt the Movex software for its IT program. Mr. Song Nay Hay, Director of Singapore Polytechnic's Department of Software Technology, said in a comment: "This agreement will give our students hands-on experience in planning and developing e-business solutions through real life industrial projects and industrial attachments with the Movex software and Intentia Singapore. With this cooperation, the Diploma in IT and e-commerce will most certainly get a boost in training facilities for the area of business-to-business e-commerce." According to Anders Ekman, vice president and e-business manager of Intentia R&D, this is a solid confirmation that Intentia's technology and take on e-business is market leading: "Java, component based architecture and the seamless integration of e- business functionality in the Enterprise Application puts Movex way ahead of other solutions. The students will be given an opportunity to look into and develop solutions with today's and tomorrow's technology rather than yesterday's." The agreement between Intentia and Singapore Polytechnic includes installation and support and is estimated to be worth about USD 500 000 and is expected to substantially increase the students knowledge of the Enterprise Application and e-business industry. A study by researcher International Data Corp (IDC) announced in August 1999 expects Singapore to lead the Southeast Asia region in sales of ERP applications by 2003 with gross revenues surpassing USD 154 million. This represents an annual growth of 20.1 percent up to the year 2003. This translates into a great need for e-business skilled staff. For more information, please contact: Ms Jayanthi Gopal Anders Ekman Corporate Communications Officer Vice president Singapore Polytechnic Intentia R&D Tel. +65 772 1350 +46 8 5552 5630 Company information Intentia, ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: