Bond loan issued by Russian Real Estate Investment Company AB (publ)

ISIN: SE0003045848

We are the agent for the bondholders under the bond loan not exceeding SEK 682,766,800 10%/13% 2010/2014, maturing November 16th 2014, loan no 4 issued by Russian Real Estate Investment Company AB (publ) (“Ruric”).

Ruric has on 2 April 2013 issued a press release stating that it has suspended making a partial redemption of the bonds in connection with the sale of the property Apraksin Dvor and that it is conducting discussions with the agent and the Bondholders Committee. For more information, see

We are of the view that the failure to make a partial redemption of the bonds and pay accrued interest on 28 March 2013 as a result of the sale of Apraksin Dvor is a breach of the terms of the bonds. We have therefore started the process to collect information on ownership of the bonds from Euroclear to be able to convene a bondholders’ meeting as soon as possible. At the bondholders’ meeting the bondholders will be informed about the breach of the terms of the bonds and the discussions with Ruric, and will be given an opportunity to decide on appropriate actions.

The preliminary date for the bondholders’ meeting is 6 may 2013 in Stockholm.

This press release is sent for informational purposes only and does not constitute a formal notice under the terms of the bonds. More information will be provided in a formal notice, which will be sent by post on or about 9 April 2013 to bondholders who were directly registered in Euroclear’s register as owners of bonds on 28  March 2013 or who have been reported as owners of bonds as of 28 March 2013 by nominees registered in Euroclear’s register. Information on who will have a right to attend and vote at the meeting will be provided in the formal notice for the bondholder’s meeting.

For further information, please contact:

Carl Brodén, Head of trustee services, CorpNordic , +46 8 402 72 00,


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