Intetech to speak at Society of Petroleum Engineers ‘Applied Technology Workshop’ in Abu Dhabi

Intetech’s Dr Liane Smith presents at ‘Well Integrity Management: Life Cycle Risks, New Standards and Regulations, Data to Decisions, and New Technologies”

Cheshire (UK) 29 May 2012 – Dr Liane Smith (FREng), Director of Intetech, the world leader in well integrity management solutions, will present to the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Applied Technology Workshop at Beach Rotana Hotel in Abu Dhabi, UAE, today. Dr Smith will address delegates at the two-day conference on the topic of managing well monitoring tasks and data analysis to reduce costs without increasing risk.

“The range of monitored data that has to be considered to evaluate the integrity status of a well is extensive, ranging from pressure and temperature readings to log data and visual observations and more,” says Dr Smith. “Adding to this challenge is the fact that the relevant data is often stored in different file systems and formats, creating silos of information that can be hard to access from other departments. The integration of this data into a common system allows for more sophisticated analysis, such as Mean-Time-To-Failure, allowing users to more easily identify areas of critical and future risk, as well as areas of over monitoring and low risk. This enables better workforce planning, more efficient deployment of resources, and reduces cost without increasing risk.”

During the presentation, Dr Smith will demonstrate the capabilities of Intetech’s Well Toolkit (iWIT) solution, which is designed to interface to existing databases and provide a single source of all the critical data needed to keep wells operating safely. Incorporating smart functionality to analyse well condition automatically in real time and generate concise reports, iWIT enables users to track the integrity of wells in real-time and highlight issues immediately at well, field and company level via its versatile reporting and email alerts functionality.

The SPE’s Well Integrity Management: Life Cycle Risks, New Standards and Regulations, Data to Decisions, and New Technologies workshop takes place 29th – 30th May 2012. Dr Smith will be speaking as part of the ‘Data Management Systems and Use of Decision Support Systems to Enhance Company’s Capabilities’ session taking place at 2pm on 29 May 2012.


About Intetech

Intetech is a leading asset-integrity company and a pioneer in corrosion modelling and well integrity management services and solutions. Our Well Integrity Toolkit (iWIT) provides an integrated source of all the critical data needed to evaluate the condition of wells and keep them operating safely and profitably. iWIT allows users to track data in real time and make it visible immediately throughout the enterprise, helping companies prevent problems going undetected and fulfil local regulatory requirements. Meanwhile, our Electronic Corrosion Engineer (ECE) software analyses how corrosive oil and gas production fluids are to hydrocarbon processing plants and pipeline transport systems to provide an estimate of the expected corrosion rate. As well as serving companies in the oil and gas industry, we also apply our expertise in other sectors, including power generation, carbon capture and storage, nuclear, civil engineering and process industries.

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