Seamless launches Micro Credit service for airtime resellers


Seamless Distribution Systems (SDS) announces the launch of Micro Credit service for resellers of mobile airtime. It is the first of its kind service that provides a unique value proposition of business continuity and improved market penetration by enhancing resellers’ ability to always provide topup. This service will be introduced to the market, enabling resellers to continue providing electronic airtime topup even when they do not have adequate prepaid airtime credit available.

The Micro Credit Service from Seamless Distribution Systems improves market penetration and ensures continued satisfaction by providing enhanced control over Airtime Distribution. The product is tightly coupled to the ERS 360º e-recharge ecosystem with integrations towards the Online Charging System and has in-built strong analytics / report management to strengthen the offering. Micro Credit allows participants in the program to continue to offer services even when normal channels for inventory purchase are unavailable.

The service profiles all participants based on their real time usage and offers customized micro credit for each participant where credit ranges may vary based on advanced profiling and risk mitigation algorithms. This service allows participants to receive commissions for every sale with a variable incentive program calculated on the risk profile and the sale pattern for every participant.

SDS bears all the credit risk and associated costs and charges a commission on the credit purchased directly to the operator. This service leverages on the quality of service distribution model provided by Seamless and offers a Win-Win opportunity for operators where they can enhance their offering towards their sales workforce without incurring any additional risk or costs.

“This leading-edge and innovative venture has further strengthened SDS’ position in the domain of digital distribution for prepaid markets. Looking beyond the obvious, we have catered to the latent needs of our stakeholders. The service is extended and added to the portfolio of telecom operators without any cost or risk implication,” says Tommy Eriksson, CEO of Seamless Distribution Systems.

About Seamless 

Seamless is one of the world’s largest suppliers of payment systems for mobile phones. Founded in 2001 and active in 35 countries, Seamless handles more than 5.3 billion transactions annually through 675 000 active sales outlets. Seamless has three main business areas including the transaction switch, the technology provider for the distribution of e-products and the mobile payment platform Seqr.

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Seamless is a global mobile payments company that provides electronic top-up systems and mobile payment services for mobile operators, distributors, retailers and consumers. Founded in 2001 and active in 35 countries, Seamless handles more than 5.3 billion transactions annually through 675,000 active sales outlets. Seamless has four main business areas: 1. Seamless Distribution Systems: Platform enabling digital distribution for Service Providers2. Seamless eProducts: Technology provider for distribution of physical and electronic products3. Seqr: Mobile Payment Platform4. MeaWallet: Provider of Host Card Emulation (HCE) and tokenization platform Seamless is truly an international company with customers all over the world. Our ambition is to be close to our customers, therefore, we have global sales, support and operations in Sweden, India, UAE, Pakistan, Ecuador, Belgium and Ghana, etc.In the last decade, we emerged as a trusted supplier and partner with technical excellence, business knowledge and commercially viable solutions. Our customers and long standing partnerships hold testimony to the quality of our product offerings and the efficiency of our services. As we move into the future, we aspire to continue exploring new grounds in mobile technology and introduce path-breaking products.