Swedes can pay contactless with their smartphone all over the world using Seqr™

First to the Swedish market to launch contactless payments technology – Seqr™ is enabling consumer payments at over 30 million retailers globally. 

Seqr is continuing in its quest to own its position as the standard for mobile payments with the most versatile technology and the largest network of retailers accepting the solution of any of its competitors in the global mobile payments market. Seqr was the first one to offer contactless payments in Sweden. Easy to use and a secure alternative to carrying cash or cards, Seqr is designed for everyday payments using just an android smartphone – approximately 80% of the smartphone market. This can be done by simply holding the phone near the contactless card terminal and confirming payment. In Sweden this is possible at Ica, 7-Eleven, Pressbyrån among many others.

3% cashback

Seqr’s active markets, which cover by far the largest area with 16 countries where the Seqr app can be downloaded, and its global acceptance network of more than 30 million retailers makes Seqr a truly global leader in mobile payments. “The success of Seqr, next to its acceptance network, lies in its optimal security and user-friendly benefits”, says Peter Fredell, CEO of Seamless. By paying with Seqr, users get up to 3% cashback on everything they buy, regardless whether they are shopping in a store or online. For optimal security, the Seqr application is protected by means of encryption and tokenization, making it impossible for registered accounts to be cloned for use on any other device without permission.

Near-Field Communication technology

Customers using the Seqr app across Sweden can pay with Seqr all over the world using Near-Field Communication (NFC), a contactless technology. The user simply holds the phone up to the contactless card terminal to pay in every shop where a contactless card terminal is installed, even if a retailer has no private agreement with Seqr. Seqr increases the freedom and independence via contactless technology for users of smartphones running on Android, approximately 80% of the worldwide smartphone market. The number of contactless payment terminals, currently around 30 million, is increasing fast and it has been planned and projected by the card networks that all card terminals in Europe should accept contactless payments by 2020.

Next to Sweden, Seqr can today be downloaded by consumers in Germany, Romania, Finland, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Portugal, Spain, Great Britain, Austria, Ireland, Malta, Luxembourg and Italy

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