Tone Leisure teams up with JHP Active and Lifetime!

A hearty partnership has been formed between charitable Leisure Trust Tone Leisure and two of the UK’s leading training providers JHP Active and Lifetime, in a bid to up-skill and strengthen their workforce in this current economic downfall. The challenges of today’s recessive economy is not one to stop Tone Leisure in its tracks to getting “more people, more active, more often” as stated in their company mission. Tone Leisure provides benefits to local authorities with the aim of improving the customer experience in local leisure facilities. Passionate about the community, and quality of life for everyone; Tone Leisure are giving more to their customers by investing in the best staff training, in partnership with the UK’s top training providers. With the focus on getting more people physically active on a regular basis, every penny spent is for the benefit of the community and customers. The trust offers extensive Sports and Health Development programmes, as well as running local leisure centres, swimming pools, health and fitness facilities, a tennis club and golf course. Tone Leisure believe their services can make a real difference to the community and the people in that community. Currently operating in the South West of England, Tone Leisure have become a leading player in their field and now operate across 11 sites; four of which are Devon based and seven in Somerset. Staff across these 11 sites will benefit from this new exciting range of training opportunities available to them. Tone Leisure boasts of particular success in addressing issues around the crime agenda by encouraging people into meaningful activities, hence their latest venture to join reputable training providers JHP Active and Lifetime in a plea to offering the best training possible for their staff as a way of combating local crime, and with focus on getting crime committing individuals off the streets and into leisure activity. Jolyon Emms, Regional Sales Manager at JHP Active commented on the partnership, “We are delighted to work with Tone Leisure at this exciting opportunity to make a difference to their people and local community. I look forward to seeing a positive outcome from this new partnership”. JHP Active, part of JHP Group, a leading and successful vocational training provider, will collaborate with Lifetime, the leading and fastest growing training and assessment consultancy in the fitness and active leisure industry, in this partnership to better the lives of many in this current economic downturn.