Josab India void MoU with Greentech in Rajasthan, India

As previously informed in October 2015, Josab India signed a MoU with Greentech regarding deliveries and market cooperation in the state of Rajasthan, India. However, the MoU is void due to non-fulfillment of orders from Greentech and due to the parties not being able to negotiate for an exclusive agreement prior to the end of 2015. Cooperation related to Rajasthan will continue, but without exclusivity.

The MoU between Josab India Pvt. Ltd. and Greentech Pvt. Ltd., dated 8thof October 2015, stated that Josab was willing to engage Greentech as their exclusive sales and service agent in the region tied to an initial order of nine Josab Aqualite™ based ecological water treatment plants. The MoU stands void due to the non-fulfillment of orders from Greentech.

Stockholm 22nd of April 2016

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