About Us

JT is a full-service Tier-1 global consumer and business enterprise provider with a 120-year heritage based in the Channel Islands.  JT offers a domestic and global customer base a range of world-class services including; voice and data; consultancy; co-location; leading-edge data hosting; internet; security; cloud back-up; fixed and mobile technologies; e-Gaming; M2M; Cloud Services (IaaS); fully managed IT services; and wholesale solutions.  Across 11 global locations, JT employs over 600 staff providing products and services to over 1 million global consumer subscribers and 2,177 active business customers.  JT has an international presence across Europe, Asia and the United States that has aided its evolution in becoming a leading supplier in roamed services.  www.jtglobal.com/business Twitter: @jt_business LinkedIn: JT Group Limited