A lesson in style

Whether you’re packing your eldest off to uni or simply want to give your teenager’s bedroom a makeover before they embark on their GCSEs, studying in style has never been easier.

The Back to School collection from British furniture manufacturer Pash Living offers iconic furnishings at a fraction of the cost of an original – and there’s not a boring office chair or flatpack desk in site.

Instead the collection boasts bright colours, bold shapes and classic furniture that has been lovingly crafted to bring contemporary stylings to even the most outdated halls of residence.

Plus, as each item has been built to the highest specification not only will it look great but it will last right through until graduation. 

Fjord Wooden Table
Originally designed for diners, this stunning wooden table is ideal for those students who need plenty of desktop space.
It has a contemporary feel with its striking legs and polished top and looks fantastic when paired with an Eames-inspired seat.
For those students away at university it also doubles as the perfect dining table.
www.pash-living.co.uk or call 01509 76 73 74
Eames-inspired DAW Chair
If you’re going to be spending hours studying you’re going to need a comfy chair and this Eames-inspired DAW is just that. 
Not only is it ideal for students who want a good looking study area but it’s kind on the bank balance too at a fraction of the cost of an original.
Plus, it’s available in a whole host of colours to match any existing décor.
www.pash-living.co.uk or call 01509 76 73 74
Three-tier Componibili Storage Unit inspired by Anna Ferrieri
Some say the key to a successful study session is keeping your desk clutter free.
This three-tier Componibili storage unit not only looks good but is fantastic for stowing away all those distractions that sometimes get in the way of working – tablets, television controllers and of course smart phones.
And thanks to the roomy three-tier storage spaces there is plenty of room for all your scholastic essentials.
www.pash-living.co.uk or call 01509 76 73 74

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