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A new consumer finance service which helps people improve their credit score has launched today.

Devised by, the unique product helps consumers grow and maintain a positive credit rating – regardless of their financial situation.

It is aimed at people who are unable to take out other financial products, such as mobile phone contracts and rental agreements, because of a poor credit score. It is also ideal for those who simply wish to improve their credit rating, perhaps because they have been living abroad or have never taken out any form of finance before.

Traditionally the only options available to these people have been high interest credit cards or pre-paid debit cards – both of which have risks and often hidden fees and charges. But Credit Improver now offer a low cost, high value option that is available to all.

Customers simply choose one of three advice packages from

And here’s the really clever bit:

  • Instead of paying for the product, Credit Improver arranges interest-free finance.
  • Consumers then repay between £3.99 and £9.99 a month.
  • These monthly repayments are reported back to credit reporting agencies and helps Credit Improver customers build a positive credit rating or improve a poor score.

Each package comes with the Credit Improver Book – packed with useful information and advice on how to improve and maintain your positive credit score – as well as credit reports and one-to-one debt and legal advice – all of which can help consumers better manage their finances.

Tom Eyre, Founder of Credit Improver, said: “In order for people to get a good credit score, they need to take out some form of financial product, such as a mobile phone contract or a credit card. However, companies will only give these products to people with a good credit score. It’s a vicious circle.

“Our unique packages allow consumers to actively improve their credit rating, without the risk of taking out a loan with high interest rates or spiralling into debt by spending on a credit card.

“All fees are made clear at the first point of contact and each package comes with additional services, such as debt advice and access to your credit report. Each package has been designed to help consumers, not impede them.

“In short, with our new product, consumers can improve their credit score in a simple, affordable and easy way.”

Credit Improver packages are available to all UK residents aged 18 and over, and are available over one, two and three-year periods.

To find out more about the packages available, or to take out a package, head to


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