Ecos Paints has launched its Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection

Packed with rich, autumnal tones, this season’s must-have colours are the perfect antidote to a cold grey day.

Inspired by myths, legends, nature and traditional nordic shades, the collection brings together an eclectic pallete of bold autumnal tones and playful, romantic accents.

Use bold brights or feminine pastels as highlighting shades and your home will be bang on trend for Autumn 2015.

David Gill, Colour Consultant at Ecos Paints, highlights his top emerging trends for Autumn/Winter 2015:

Myths and Legends 

One of the themes to come out of our predictions for the 2015/16 A/W season encompasses a renewed interest in folklore and tradition. Drawing creatives from diverse countries and cultures, from Scandinavia to Peru, it shows a contemporary take on our multi-ethnic world. Combining ancient materials and patterns such as furs, bamboo, metals and tartan woollens, - providing the basis for our palette selections.

Peruvian Twist

Clever use of vibrant colours Citrica, Maple and Pavarotti add a warm, vibrant mood to a neutral background. Put Mulberry into this mix if you want to achieve a trendy clash.  When used selectively in combination with patterned woollens, and bamboo furniture it can redefine your living space.

Ethnic Scandinavian

The earthy colours found in traditional Nordic patterned prints can be introduced to add a new dynamic to rooms you may have decorated in recent years with neutral shades. Try colours such as Castaneda, Salmon and Sykes for a more subtle approach, or Creek, Fyfe and Gallery if you are looking for richer tones.

Ian West, Colour Stylist at Ecos Paints – who produce 180 different shades, said: “The new season will bring with it some stunning colour trends.

“With the leaves turning glorious Autumnal shades, the weather is turning cooler and it is nearly time to gather around the chestnut-roasting flames and hunker down for winter.

“What could be better in the cold wintry months than cosy shades to carry your home right through from autumn to a festive family Christmas and beyond with rich reds and holly greens.

“Ecos Paints latest collection is the epitome of autumn to winter – the changing leaves of the woodlands in Gallery, Maple and Pavarotti, and the colours of hedgerow mushrooms such as Wood Blewits in Mulberry and Chanterelles in Citrica.

“Midwinter can often feel hard and unforgiving, but the commute home will feel a lot less tiresome with a welcoming fireside to look forward to, and the weekends put aside for wellies and frosty puddles, hot chocolate, mulled wine and a refreshed home to stand back and admire.”

For more details/images please contact / 0161 381 0173