Online Resilience Training is the New Natural Anti-Depressant

The College of has launched its first ever video-based online course – Personal Resilience in an Hour - in partnership with worldwide training platform

The course – which is currently available at a 60 per cent discount price until April 10th2015 is based on proven methods and describes how resilience training acts as a natural anti-depressant. By helping people deal with the bumps and knocks in life, it protects against both depression and anxiety.

The course is delivered through a series of manageable video lessons (with an hour of content in total), which students can watch at any time. It offers practical strategies to help people steady their nerves and recover from setbacks, with step-by-step practices for dealing with dips in mood, energy or confidence.  

Course tutor, Dr Chris Johnstone, said: “With so many people living increasingly stressful lives, and the lifetime risk of depression in industrialised countries now rated at 1 in 2, resilience training is so badly needed .

 “Research shows that self-help strategies help us deal with bumpy times, acting as natural anti-depressants that protect our mood and reduce anxiety.

Dr Johnstone is a leading author and trainer in resilience, wellbeing and positive psychology. With a background in medicine and psychology, he has worked as a GP and in the mental health field. Over the last 30 years he has pioneered the role of resilience training in health care, adult education and the workplace.

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Resilience in an Hour course is available at 60% discount (price £10) at the following link until April 10th, 2015.


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