Wallsauce.com leaves Harry Potter fans spellbound

Fans can now bring the wizarding world of Harry Potter into their own homes, as Wallsauce.com has launched a complete range of Harry Potter wall murals, through its licensing agreement with Warner Bros

Perfect for any super fan, these magical murals will no doubt bring the enchanting world of Hogwarts and beyond into everyday life.

The bespoke murals show iconic images from the world famous film series. Visitors to the site can choose from artwork featuring Harry, Ron and Hermione as well as Dobby, Dumbledore and many others – there’s something for everyone.

Andrew Gerraty , Company Director said: “We are really excited about having the opportunity to bring this amazing imagery to fans of the series. With the ability to custom size the wall mural, we hope that all fans of Harry Potter will just love this new product”.

Fans can choose from 50 murals, showing classic imagery that ranges across the eight iconic films. Backdrops include the Triwizard tournament, Harry’s battle with Voldemort, quidditch games and the golden trio’s hunt for Horcruxes.

There’s no need to cast a reduction charm, or to use wingardium leviosa, as the murals can be created for any size or shape of wall and are available either as pre-printed wallpaper or self-adhesive fabric and come with full fitting instructions.

In addition to the new Harry Potter range,  Wallsauce also offer wall mural ranges covering DC Comic’s Batman and Superman, Man of Steel, The Dark Knight Rises, The Hobbit,  Justice League, Scooby Doo and more.

Harry Potter wall murals are available at www.wallsauce.com and are priced from £30 per square metre.

An average 2.5m x 3m wall would cost £180 including delivery.


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