Kesko’s comparable sales grew in January

Kesko Group's sales totalled €824.9 million in January 2018, an increase of 7.9% in comparable terms. Reported total sales decreased by 0.3%. The month had one more delivery day than the year before in Finland, Sweden and Poland.

”Kesko’s sales grew in comparable terms in all divisions in January. Sales growth was strong in all strategic focus areas," says Mikko Helander, Kesko’s President and CEO.

Sales in the grocery trade totalled €415.3 million in January, an increase of 9.6% in comparable terms. Sales grew in all chains. The reported sales increased by 3.9% in January.

Sales in the building and technical trade totalled €309.1 million in January, an increase of 5.1% in comparable terms in local currencies. Comparable sales in the building and technical trade excluding the speciality goods trade grew by 8.6% in local currencies. Sales in Finland grew by 13.0% and sales elsewhere by 5.2%. Sales in the speciality goods' leisure trade increased by 11.0% in Finland, while sales in the machinery trade decreased by 67.1%. The reported sales in the building and technical trade decreased by 8.5%, impacted by the divestment of the K-maatalous agricultural business and the furniture trade in 2017.

Sales in the car trade totalled €100.2 million in January, an increase of 10.2%.

Kesko Group's sales in euros, excluding VAT, in January 2018:

January 2018 Comparable
€ million Change, % change, %
Grocery trade, total 415.3 +3.9 +9.6
Building and technical trade, Finland 151.3 -15.9 +5.8
Building and technical trade, other countries 157.7 +0.0 +4.4
Building and technical trade, total 309.1 -8.5 +5.1
Car trade, total 100.2 +10.2 +10.2
Common functions and eliminations 0.3
Grand total 824.9 -0.3 +7.9
Finland, total 667.1 -0.4 +8.9
Other countries, total 157.7 +0.0 +4.4
Grand total 824.9 -0.3 +7.9

Change, % indicates the change when compared to the corresponding period of the previous year. The comparable change % has been calculated for the grocery trade by including those stores formerly belonging to Suomen Lähikauppa, and which have belonged to the network in both years, in the sales. The comparable change % in the building and technical trade has been calculated in local currencies and excluding the impact of divestments made during the previous financial year. 

In January 2018, the number of Kesko's wholesale selling days in Finland was 22, which is one day more than the year before.  

In connection with interim reports, Kesko publishes advance information on K Group's retail sales quarterly.

Further information is available from Vice President, Group Controller Eva Kaukinen,
tel. +358 105 322 338.

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