Ollila’s Experience In Wireless, Gaming, Service, And Consumer Device Industries To Support Kadho’s Neurofoundation Curriculum

Kadho Inc. acquires a vast set of skills and expertise with the appointment of Mark Ollila, PhD, MBA to its advisory board. Ollila will be working closely with Kadho’s diverse team of experts, including recently appointed Dr. David Long, former State Secretary of Education and current Chairperson of the Federal Education Safe & Drug Free Schools and Community Advisory Committee.

Ollila is a seasoned professional with a lengthy track record of achievements in mobile technology and games, often delivering innovative interactive experiences first to the market. He directed Nokia Games publishing globally which resulted in several award-winning titles in 3D, interaction/gameplay and cross media.

Ollila’s profound expertise in media, technology, and entertainment is especially pertinent to Kadho’s goals in revolutionizing early childhood education. This, in part, is because Kadho’s neurofoundation curriculum is based mostly on mobile platforms. Kadho utilizes guided instruction and imaginative play in their apps and eBooks to target toddlers’ brains at their core to maximize effectiveness in learning. Ollila’s professional background and personal interests align perfectly with Kadho’s mission in early childhood education innovation.

“I am honored to be able to work with Mark in future endeavors. His thoughts and ideas are well aligned with Kadho’s core mission” says Dr. Kaveh Azartash, CEO and cofounder of Kadho Inc. “He’s had an extensive reach in the gaming industry, which will be a great asset towards gamification of our science and technology. With his assistance, we hope to culminate our neurofoundation curriculum to reach children in an even more engaging and focused manner.”



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Kadho was founded by two PhDs and backed by a strong network of early childhood educators, neuroscientists, linguists and child psychologists. Kadho Inc. is utilizing the last 50 years of brain science to develop games and eBooks to maintain and enhance the innate abilities that children are born with. Kadho is proudly incubated at EvoNexus. For more information, visit their informative website, www.kadho.com.