Action sports video camera company RePlay XD offers tips on using video to give sponsorship proposals maximum impact.

Newbury Park, Calif. (April 6, 2011) – If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a well-shot video is a limitless font of information. In the information age marketers expect sponsorship proposals from athletes and pro-drivers to detail how they will receive return on investment (ROI) in an easily digestible format. Video is the best way to deliver that message, and the experts at RePlay XD, the world's smallest action sports camera, have tips to share.

If a company is on an athlete's radar as a potential sponsor, it is more than likely they are on someone else’s too. That means that companies are getting proposals from numerous teams or athletes. It is critical athletes tell their story in a way that will force the potential sponsor to hear their presentation while making the best possible impression. That also shows the potential sponsor that you can do the same with their brand.

Sponsorship support can make the difference between a hobby and a career, and video plays a huge role in getting an athlete noticed. A well put together video delivers attention and credibility, while a chaotic video will make people dismiss both the athlete's skills and ability to draw a crowd. Even those who have never picked up a camera have nothing to worry about though, as the latest camera and editing technology have made creating and promoting videos easier than ever. Here are five tips for making a video that gets noticed:

  1. Make it short, sweet, and interesting. Keep the audience in mind. Are they familiar with this sport? Will it be interesting to them? Don’t be afraid to give some background information. Viewers who are unfamiliar with your activity will appreciate the help and those who are involved already will respect your desire to educate new fans.  Keep videos short, around 2 or 3 minutes, and use a variety of shots and content - video, photos, commentary - to make it interesting.
  2. Mix up the visuals. Use a variety of interesting angles and shots to show perspectives people aren't used to. That's what Hollywood editors have done for years. If more than one camera is available, mount one on the rider/driver and another on the board, car, or even have a spectator hold it. Then cut back and forth in editing. If only one camera is available, change its location every shot to capture a variety of perspectives. A single point of view is boring - and expected.
  3. Audio is key. When using music, make sure it appeals to a variety of audiences. Keep it simple too—nothing too busy or loud. It’s very important to use music that is royalty free, so that the company can pass your video around and show it to others without breaking copyright laws. There are a variety of royalty free music sites on the internet where one can purchase songs for as little as a dollar.
  4. Show Return on Investment. Companies need to sponsor someone who will represent their brand well and attract new customers. Look presentable, act professionally, and do something that captures imagination. Be marketable in their eyes by showing some personality and likeability. It doesn't hurt to include footage of audiences’ positive reactions as well, as it implies that by stepping up as a sponsor the brand will gain constructive, positive attention.
  5. Be Your Own Publicist. Once the video has been shot and edited, the next step is to promote and get it noticed. Luckily, a wide range of social media platforms make that process a little easier.  Make sure the team or athlete has a social media presence. Build an active Facebook profile or fan page, tweet relevant news, and keep a YouTube page up-to-date with new footage. Be sure to tag videos with all applicable words as well, since this will also drive traffic. Try tagging videos with the company names on the potential sponsor list. Eventually they will notice!

In addition to YouTube and personal social media sites, use forums and online communities to share videos and race results.  Check out sites such as,, and for starters. Remember, network, network, network! Whether online or in person, a casual conversation will often turn into a bigger opportunity.  Life’s an Action Sport… RePlay it for the companies that can help you.

RePlay XD was designed by a group of racing professionals with over 50 years of experience in the high performance racing industry. The development team saw the need for ultra-lightweight cameras that could capture never before seen video footage from the most extreme racing and action environments on earth. The RePlay XD has been put through the most grueling conditions possible and has come out unscathed with crystal clear footage. RePlay's goal is to bring you the most technologically advanced recording systems available today. (805) 480-9800.

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Contact: Laura – Kahn Media