Kamera Interactive webcasts broadband Olympics for leading Swedish broadband communication company Bredbandsbolaget

Kamera Interactive webcasts broadband Olympics for leading Swedish broadband communication company Bredbandsbolaget Kamera Interactive, listed on the H&Q Tech Market in Sweden and Europe's leading Internet TV company, has been awarded the mandate of delivering the broadband broadcast from the Olympic games for Bredbandsbolaget. The 15-day event will be distributed live via multicasting over Bredbandsbolaget's broadband network in Sweden. The broadcast will use a unique encoding technique developed by Sorenson Media Inc. together with Kamera Interactive. The broadband broadcast of the Olympics will be the first in the world to offer simultaneous live streaming of six channels and is a part of Bredbandsbolaget's product development. Kamera Interactive will be responsible for the technical delivery, including the encoding of all six TV channels and their respective multicasts, via Bredbandsbolaget's broadband network. Kamera is also responsible for the design and interactivity of the viewer interfaces. "We look forward to be able to offer Bredbandsbolaget's customers an exciting experience. The co-operation with Sorenson makes it possible for us to be at the technological forefront and create an international standard for live broadcasts via broadband networks", says Declan Caulfield, Chief Technology Officer at Kamera Interactive. "We also see great future potential thanks to the co-operation with Bredbandsbolaget." The broadband broadcast will include all the images delivered from the Olympics - by both the Swedish National Television's broadcast and the five EBU channels' broadcasts. The viewers will be kept up to date via an online information service, which includes programme listings, information about the Olympics and the Swedish contestants. In addition, viewers will be able to chat with each other. "The combined technical expertise of Kamera Interactive and Sorenson will provide for a perfect live streaming solution for this broadcast," says Carolyn Goates, VP of Sales and Marketing, Sorenson Media. "Sorenson Broadcaster integrates with any QuickTime-compatible audio or video capture device - making it easy for both advanced and entry-level users to view the broadcast on Macintosh or Windows platforms," Goates continues. A selection of Bredbandsbolaget's customers in the Stockholm area will be able to see the broadcasts on their home-PCs. There will also be six demonstration centers for the media and guests in the Swedish cities of Stockholm, Malmö, Göteborg, Umeå, Växjö and Örebro. For further information please visit the following websites: www.bredband.com www.kamera.com www.sorenson.com For further information please contact: Declan Caulfield, CTO, Kamera Interactive, +46 (0)8-5065 7033 or +46 (0)709-31 15 33 Michael Dabrowski, Account Manager, Kamera Interactive, +46 (0)8-5065 7016 or +46 (0)709-31 25 16 Jenny Gejke, Communications Manager, Kamera Interactive, +46 (0)8-5065 7030 or +46 (0)709-31 15 30 About Kamera Interactive Kamera Interactive is a leading provider of Internet TV in Europe with offices in Stockholm, Oslo, London, Amsterdam and Paris. Kamera is, since the 23rd of August 2000, listed on H&Q Tech Market in Stockholm. The company develops its clients' web sites by offering moving images for Internet and Intranets. The business is focused on distribution of TV-rights over the Internet, development of concepts for Internet TV and production of webcasts. Kamera Interactive also offers Europe's first market place for video content (www.kameraone.com). Among Kamera's clients are; Aftonbladet, AstraZeneca, Ericsson, Everyday.com, Finanstidningen, Finansavisen, Investor, OM, Microsoft, SEB, Telia, Matteus, Nettavisen, The Nobel Prize, MeritaNordbanken, Skandia, Snowdrops.com, Spray, Svenska Spel, Verdens Gang, Wideyes Swedish Open, WOL and WM-data. About Sorenson Media Inc. Sorenson Media was formed to merge the Sorenson Vision compression and streaming tools with new state-of-the-art services to meet the needs of customers in the rapidly expanding digital media market. Combining tools and services enables us to offer innovative solutions to fit any customer need. Sorenson Media builds on the strong foundation of its core products, Sorenson Video, a leading video compression tool, and Sorenson Broadcaster, the premier live Internet streaming tool for QuickTime ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT http://www.bit.se The following files are available for download: http://www.bit.se/bitonline/2000/08/31/20000831BIT00570/bit0001.doc http://www.bit.se/bitonline/2000/08/31/20000831BIT00570/bit0002.pdf