Karessa Pharma on Nasdaq Stockholm First North

Karessa Pharma Holding AB has been approved for listing on Nasdaq Stockholm First North. The first trading day will be on the 10th of February. A complete company description can be downloaded from www.karessa.se.

Erectile dysfunction is a major problem that affects a large number of men – and their partners. Almost half of all men above the age of 40 suffer from some degree of erectile dysfunction, i.e. the inability to achieve and maintain an erection that is sufficient to enable sexual activity. Karessa aims to develop the next generation of medicinal products in this field, offering a faster and more reliable effect that than existing drugs.

"This listing is a natural step in our endeavour to establish Karessa as a leading, innovative company on the growing market for drugs treating erectile dysfunction. The problem is widespread, the market is enormous, and we will be able to contribute with a better solution than those that are currently available," says Torbjörn Kemper, CEO of Karessa.

Until very recently, the market has been dominated by three players: Pfizer Inc (Viagra), Eli Lilly & Co (Cialis) and Bayer AG (Levitra/Staxyn). The patents behind the drugs supplied by these players are now successively expiring, and in line with this the market is opening up to new players. In addition to this, discussions are also under way in several countries regarding possibility of selling the drugs without prescription. If this were to be the case, it would probably drive demand further.

"Our business model is based on combining proven, effective and approved substances with our own patented drug-delivery platform. Through this combination, we are generating significant benefits, both for the patient and for Karessa itself. Our medicinal product will not be taken in tablet form, but will instead be delivered directly into the bloodstream via a film that is applied discreetly to the oral mucosa. Herein lies the strength and the uniqueness of our concept," says Torbjörn Kemper, CEO of Karessa.

The main advantages for the patient include a faster and more reliable effect compared with traditional oral tablets. Since the drug is delivered straight into the bloodstream and does not need to pass stomach, the uptake is only minimally affected by food and alcohol or other beverages – which otherwise can make a significant difference. For Karessa part, this combination means a shorter time to market, lower costs and significantly reduced risk with regard to development and clinical studies.

"We are currently engaged in two different projects: one with the film in combination with Sildenafil (the active substance in Viagra), and one with the film in combination with Tadalafil (the active substance in Cialis). The focus for the next two years will be both on continued product development, as well as conducting the necessary studies for final registration with the relevant authorities," says Torbjörn Kemper. 

For more information, visit Karessa's new website – www.karessa.se – or contact:

Torbjörn Kemper, CEO
+46 (0)8-768 22 33

About Karessa Pharma AB

Karessa Pharma AB is developing and commercialising the next generation of medicinal products to treat erectile dysfunction. Karessa's concept is based on a patented drug delivery film, which is combined with clinically tested and proven active substances. This combination results in a medicinal product that delivers both a direct and reliable effect. www.karessa.se



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