Lawnmower expert praises Kawasaki Engines

A Kawasaki FJ180D is the latest exhibit to go on show at the British Lawnmower Museum, where it is showcasing leading-edge technology.

The museum in Southport, Merseyside traces the development of lawnmowers from the first, manual, Victorian machines to today’s state-of-the-art, petrol-powered mowers. Museum Curator Brian Radam hopes that as well as being of interest to the general public, the specially-prepared Kawasaki FJ180D, 4-stroke, horizontal shaft Engine will give students an insight into the workings of a modern  petrol engine.

“Over the years the Kawasaki FJ100D engine has proved to be extremely reliable with the consequence of extending the life of the machine it’s fitted to,” says Mr Radam.

“These engines run extremely smoothly with very low noise, low vibration and a very easy rope start, eliminating the need for a key start.”

“This achieves a superior performance compared to any previous engine fitted to these models since their introduction in 1997. The latest generation Kawasaki FJ180D Engine has been built with substantial bearings where cheaper engines have bushes, with the benefit of a unique K Twin balance system designed for even lower vibration, plus a decompressor for easy starting.”

“This is a high quality engine with attention to quality and strength, extending the life of the entire piece of machinery.”

Mr Radam is also the author of the latest edition of the Haynes Lawnmower Manual, published earlier this year after close collaboration with Kawasaki Engines.

Jack Ford, Senior Product Manager, Kawasaki Engine Division, says: “We are delighted that an independent organisation, with a focus on heritage and quality, has chosen the Kawasaki FJ180D Engine to take centre stage in its display. We were also very pleased to work with Mr Radam on the latest version of the Haynes Lawnmower Manual.”

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