Foreign Investment has Picked up in Tijuana

Translated from a Spanish Article Released Online by "El Mexicano, Gran Diario Regional" (Read Spanish Version)

By: Edgar Juarez Uscanga/El Mexicano

Tijuana - We have 14 companies confirmed to set up shop in the city, generating 10,000 jobs across the electronics, aerospace, medical and upholstery industries. This was revealed by the president of Canacintra, Alejandro Salinas Diez, who explained that the existing security in the region and its competitiveness has led companies to return to where they were before.

He said that since manufacturers recognize our respect to public safety, it brings a certainty to the city, and as a result there has been a significant increase in the establishment of new businesses in Tijuana.

In this regard, he stressed that companies are installing operations in the region because of the good collaboration between the State Government and the municipal government, whether it be in relation to the issue of security or the benefits being provided through programs for the promotion of industrial development.

He mentioned that some of the benefits are related to tax advantages, economics and exports, which results in a substantial increase in the number of employees in the companies, so it is expected that more companies will adopt these types of programs nationwide.

The state government recently offered a series of fiscal incentives .In the view of the business sector these will reactivate the establishment of companies and lower the 5.64% current unemployment rate, to the level it was in 2007, only 2.2%.

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