On March 13 North American Production Sharing, Inc. (NAPS) was honored at a ceremony for those members of AIM, the National Association for the Maquiladora Industry, who qualify as an “ INFONAVIT Empresa de 10”. These are companies that have met 100% of their contribution obligations in the past 10 bimonthly periods.

The Mexican National Institute for Worker’s Housing (INFONAVIT) is the largest mortgage lender in Latin America. INFONAVIT has over 5 million mortgages on its books. INFONAVIT collects 5% of the salary of every worker officially registered in Mexico. With these funds it provides housing- related mortgage products including funds to buy, remodel or build a home. Funds are collected through the IMSS, National Social Security.

The “Empresa de 10” Award recognizes a company’s commitment to fulfilling payroll tax obligations in a timely manner, along with showing social responsibility to its workers. Joaquin Escamilla Orozco, Deputy Director for Tax Collection at Infonavit delivered the recognition awards at the monthly meeting of AIM in Tijuana. The three corporate entities under NAPS management that are members of AIM and entitled to this recognition are JAE, Filtec and NAPS.

NAPS prides itself in ensuring compliance with all Mexican Tax and Labor Laws. By focusing on governmental compliance, NAPS ensures your operation will not be subject to fines, sanctions or work suspensions. Accounting and payroll services are part of the outsourced administrative services offered. NAPS also takes care of human resources, customs, environmental and corporate compliance for companies packaging or manufacturing in Mexico.

In 1998 NAPS founded Human Resource Solutions (HRS) after recognizing the need for highly specialized recruitment services in Mexico. HRS was established to assist companies to recruit and hire qualified temporary workers. Services include providing payroll and compliance with tax obligations. The number one priority for HRS, in addition to offering excellence in service, is to ensure compliance with governmental regulations.

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About NAPS
NAPS is a premier shelter company in Mexico providing start-up and ongoing administration for companies manufacturing in Mexico.  NAPS facilitates the relocation and expansion of labor intensive processes mainly along the border region of Mexico.  Since 1991, NAPS has played a key role in ensuring the success of 70 Mexico manufacturing operations including:  Esterline, Hewlett Packard, Intuitive Surgical, JAE, Monster Cable, Parker Hannifin, Speck Products, Toyota & Qualcomm.  For more info about NAPS and the shelter services in Mexico we offer please visit

About HRS
HRS has specialized in recruitment and payroll services in Mexico. Professionals with in-depth experience in labor negotiations, motivational techniques, salary management, and all aspects of managing employees in Mexico ensure the success and continuing profitability of companies manufacturing in Mexico. As premier experts in the administration of employees, HRS minimizes risk of adverse legal consequences and avoids penalties and fines in Mexico.  HRS ensures compliance with Mexican tax and employment laws (


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