Joint organization within KMT Grinding

KMT creates a global joint organization for its two production units within the product area Grinding – KMT Lidköping and KMT UVA. The President for Lidköping, Johan Westberg, has been appointed Product Area Manager for KMT Grinding.

KMT Lidköping and KMT UVA will thus have a joint organization in all those countries where they act separately today. This organizational change is a step to enhance the operational efficiency and strengthen the profit margins within Grinding. At the same time there will be opportunities to increase revenues by enabling the sales force to market a broader product portfolio.

“By Lidköping and UVA acting through one sales force, and one supply- and marketing organization, we will create a stronger alternative on the market for grinding. Moreover, I am convinced that future development projects will be more efficient by an improved collaboration”, said Lars Bergström, President and CEO of KMT.

“UVA and Lidköping have earlier acted relatively independent of each other but we have during the past year worked close together on, for instance, the development and launch of the NanoGrinder. We have discovered that there are ample of opportunities to become more efficient through a stronger global coordination, while at the same time we will develop the unique know-how which is to be found in both KMT UVA and KMT Lidköping”, said Johan Westberg, Product Area Manager of KMT Grinding.

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