KMT Cutting Systems wins prestigious order from Boeing

KMT Cutting Systems AB has won an order from Boeing, the world's leading aerospace company and the largest combined manufacturer of commercial and military aircraft. The new order further strengthens KMT’s share of the aerospace market and it is KMT’s first sale to Boeing.

Under the new order, KMT Cutting Systems will construct, assemble, deliver and install a complete robotized abrasive waterjet cutting system for use by Boeing Fabrication at its plant[s] in Auburn, WA, USA, building parts for the Boeing 787. Delivery will take place during the first quarter of 2007.

Ulf Andersson, Project Manager for KMT Cutting Systems, said: “The new Boeing order includes additional equipment, fixtures and programs for machining of details in titanium alloys used in the engine nacelles of the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The new Boeing order represents a major success in the ongoing business development programmed at KMT Cutting Systems, to expand the company’s products and service solutions into other markets beyond its traditional stronghold in the global automotive industry.”

“It is very pleasing to see that the work we are putting in at KMT Cutting Systems to expand the solutions we offer to markets beyond automotive is really bearing fruit,” said Sten Camitz, President of KMT Cutting Systems. “We see great potential in the aerospace industry and the latest order from Boeing shows that we’re on the right track. Since the demands of the aerospace industry are very high in terms of technology, accuracy, quality and reliability, it’s very satisfying that Boeing chose KMT Cutting Systems for this project.”

Robotized abrasive waterjet cutting is designed for cutting harder materials such as metals, glass fiber and ceramic materials. A fine abrasive is added to the high-pressure waterjet, which cuts materials through a process of micro-erosion. Typical industrial applications include deburring and grinding of castings, trimming of titanium alloys, glass fiber and composite details or cutting larger metal tubes.

KMT Cutting Systems AB, a fully owned subsidiary of the industrial group, KMT, is the world’s leading supplier of robotized waterjet cutting, routing and cleaning systems to the automotive and general industries.

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