PRESS RELEASE + INVITATION to celebrate Hans Kemp’s Asian photography and publication of Burmese Light

Exhibition of the Dutch photographer’s Asian work at the South Bank brings focus to his latest book

Burmese Light by Hans Kemp (245 x 195 mm; 208 pages; £22, Flexicover, published by Visionary World)

Burma, or Myanmar, is an ancient land across which many cultures have flourished throughout the ages, and in which many continue to live to this day. Its history in the last 60 years has been one of repression, conflict and need, but the signs are now good that the nation is set to enter a new and happier phase. Photographer Hans Kemp has created a book of superb quality that vividly captures the varied textures of this amazing land and its people. Writer Tom Vater travelled through Burma with Hans and his words add flavour and context to the photographs. This is a book of stunning images that will be remembered for a very long time. They live and breathe Burma and draw us towards it. Essential for anyone with even a vague interest ; the more so if a visit is planned.

** Attached also is an invitation to a private viewing of a forthcoming exhibition of Kemp’s work at the OXO Gallery at the South Bank in London on September 10th from 6 pm to 9 pm. We hope you can make it along..

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