Kongsberg Renewables Technology launches Kongsberg EmPower

Kongsberg Renewables Technology has developed a new wind farm management system and is now ready to launch it under the name "Kongsberg EmPower". The system is based on Kongsberg Gruppen's broad experience with automation and decision support systems.

Kongsberg EmPower is a turbine independent decision support system. It has a functionality that surpasses all other systems for wind farm management and data collection on the market. The system is based on Kongsberg Gruppen's existing technology and products deployed in the defence and maritime sectors as well as offshore oil and gas.

"The system will give the owners better overwiew and control with the performance and ongoing processes on their wind farms. Wind turbines are exposed to the elements every day of the year – wind, rain, hail, snow and lightning – in addition to mechanical wear and tear. It is important that the turbines are monitored for these strains, enabling cost efficient operation and maintenance of the turbines. The data that is collected, typically from 150 to 200 sensor signals per turbine, must also be stored securely to ensure that one always has access to the turbine history," says Kristian Holm, General Manager of Kongsberg Renewables Technology AS.

"EmPower is a name that symbolises us giving someone an opportunity or a tool for doing something. We want to give our customers the opportunity to monitor wind farm performance and improve their processes," Holm adds.

The system consists of 4 modules:
-       Performance Monitoring: Gives an overview of turbine performance in terms of production and availability.
-       Condition Monitoring: Assesses the conditions in critical turbine components. This information can also be used to pinpoint where maintenance is actually needed.
-       Production Forecasting: Forecasts production in the next hours and days.
-       Wind Farm Control: Reduces the undesirable effects of wake, which is caused by wind blowing through a wind turbine and thereby reducing wind velocity.

"We have been developing this product in collaboration with our customers since 2012. It feels great to finally be able to launch Kongsberg EmPower on the market. The system will form the basis for more innovations within renewable energy in the future," Holm comments.

"Kongsberg Gruppen has world leading expertise when it comes to monitoring and decision support systems as well as advanced sensor technology. By transferring this expertise to wind energy we are taking an important step towards using our proven technology in the renewable sector," says Sverre Gotaas, Corporate Technology Officer of Kongsberg Gruppen.

For further information, please contact:
Kristian Holm, General Manager, Kongsberg Renewables Technology AS, +47 918 33 121, kristian.holm@kongsberg.com

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