Kungsleden’s CEO and management team buy stock options from the major shareholders Gösta Welandson and Olle Florén

As announced in conjunction with the Annual General Meeting of Kungsleden AB on April 25th, the major private shareholders Gösta Welandson and Olle Florén has issued stock options on Kungsleden’s share to the CEO and management team of Kungsleden.

The purpose is to create clear and direct incentives for the CEO and management team to create value for all shareholders. The option terms are designed according to market practice and the participants acquire the options by paying to the option issuers a premium corresponding to the market value of the options.

The main terms are:

  • Duration: 3 years (closing day, September 13, 2020)
  • Share price: SEK 60 per share
  • Total number of options: 280,000 divided among eight participants in Kungsleden's management team
  • Issuers are Gösta Welandson through companies with 75% and Olle Florén with 25% of the options

Since these are stock options issued by individual shareholders, no dilution occurs for other shareholders. The Board of Directors of Kungsleden AB has approved the arrangement.

Following the acquisition of the options, CEO Biljana Pehrsson's total holding of equity-related instruments in Kungsleden AB consists of 66,000 ordinary shares and 100,000 options. The holdings of ordinary shares consist of 51,000 shares in direct ownership and 15,000 in a pension related portfolio bond.

For more information, please contact:

Biljana Pehrsson, Chief Executive of Kungsleden | 46 (0)8 503 052 04 | biljana.pehrsson@kungsleden.se
Anders Kvist, Deputy CEO and CFO of Kungsleden | 46 (0)8 503 052 11 | anders.kvist@kungsleden.se


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The information was provided for public release on 14/9 2017  3:15 p.m.

Kungsleden is a long term property-owner that provides attractive, functional premises that enrich people’s working days. We create value by owning, managing and developing offices and other commercial properties in Stockholm and Sweden’s other growth regions. A large portion of our properties belong to attractively located clusters where we also engage in the development of the whole area. Kungsleden’s goal is to deliver an attractive total return on our properties and for our shareholders. Kungsleden is listed on NASDAQ Nordic Large Cap.


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Kungsleden is a property company operating in Sweden and listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. We focus on owning, actively managing, improving and developing commercial properties long-term in the office, industry/warehouse and retail segments, in chosen growth regions such as Greater Stockholm, Greater Gothenburg, the Mälar Valley and southwestern Sweden. We offer appealing and functional premises in the right locations at the right price. Clustering our properties, ensuring a good local knowledge and being close to our customers allows us to quickly offer new solutions when our customers’ needs change.