REORGANISED KYRO TECHNOLOGY GROUP DEVELOPS INTERNET SERVICE FOR INVESTORS IN COLLABORATION WITH HEX Investors to receive regular information about share price movements and trading from IR web pages Kyro Group has become the first company to launch HEX's Internet-based investor communications service, which gives investors real-time information about share price formation as well as trades made throughout the day. Information about the largest owners is updated once a month. The pages,, offer investors the option of a registered service that automatically sends them stock exchange announcements and press releases immediately after their publication. "The Internet is a significant tool in today's securities trading as well as being an information channel for investors. The redesigning of the Investor Relations (IR) website will boost the company's investor communications and accelerate the flow of information. The making of investment decisions will be facilitated and as a result it will be easier to attract the interest of new investors," says Mika Nevalainen, Kyro's Vice President Corporate Communications. Kyro Corporation is acting as the first pilot company for the HEX service. The service is provided by eHEX, which is part of the HEX Group. The technical and visual realisation of Kyro's website is the responsibility of Nomini Networks, which has also carried out the integration of the investor relations web pages in collaboration with HEX. "HEX wants to offer listed companies tools for the successful implementation of investor communications via electronic distribution channels such as the web and e-mail. The development of the service has been based on the needs of investors and personnel responsible for investor relations. The service offers investors up-to-date and comprehensive information to support investment decisions, while simultaneously freeing the time of investor relations personnel for other tasks," adds HEX's Development Manager Rami Niemi. "Companies' Internet websites are highly important in corporate communications. At best, the websites and their IR segments are seamlessly integrated into an elegant and functional unit," says Consultant Director Ilkka Pietilä of Nomini Networks. Kyro is a financially sound and growth-oriented international technology group which has customer service offices and production plants in Europe, Asia, and North and South America. The company invests in technology sectors that are in the process of structural change or transition with the goal of market and technological leadership. Of Kyro's business groups, Tamglass designs and manufactures safety glass machines and production lines for the architectural, the automotive, and the appliance and furniture industries. The company is the world's market leader in the manufacture of safety glass machines. Kyro's other business group is Kyro Power, which produces environmentally friendly energy for industry and energy resellers. For further information: Mika Nevalainen Vice President Corporate Communications, Kyro Corporation Tel +358 400 882 024 Rami Niemi Development Manager, HEX Group Tel +358 9 61 66 7578 Ilkka Pietilä Consultant Director Nomini Networks Tel +358 9 57 60 0617 ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: